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Wife 1
Where was she from?
Before Henry?

Catherine of Aragon
Daughter of queen Isabella and king Ferdinand
Previously married to Henry's brother ARTHUR
Henry had 1 child w her MARY
when she was too old to have any more children Henry wanted a divorce as he did not believe the people, would take a woman as their ruler.


Henry's brothers name



Henry's daughters names



Kings great matter

When Arthur (king Henry's brother) died Henry wanted to Mary Arthur's wife Catherine of Aragon
For this he needed special permission form the church
He had been granted this permission. This ðmand was the Kings great matter
Then when Catherine could not longer have children Henry wanted divorce
This was against the Catholic law so Henry asked for a special ankle the off. The church.
After a long delay he was refused so he broke form the catholic church


Who did he dismiss Cardinal Wolsey for

Thomas Cromwell


Wife 2
Jose did marriage end

Henry then married Anne Boleyn
They had 1 daughter Elizabeth
Henry later had Anne executed


In all how many times did he marry



What was the act of supremacy

This made Henry the head of the English church rather than the pope
The Church of England was then set up


What did Henry change in the religion

Dissolution of monasteries
Henry shut down all ministries as he believed minks were nor loyal tom his religion, he also wanted the land and wealth of the monastery's for himself
People did not like this ad monasteries help the sick and poor

He did still not allow Protestant tecHing even though he broke w Rome


What happened. When king Edward VI took over

Was only king for six years
Became king when 9- helped by a leaving team of nobels who were Protestants
Brought in Protestant beliefs to Church of England
New rules such as punished if not at mass service . Edward approved of all of these
Died at 15


What append when queen Mary 1 rook over

Queen for only 5 years
Brought van catholic teachings
Married Philip of Spain
Persecuted Protestants
Nicked named Bloody Mary for this


What happened when queen elizabath took over

Changed Mary's policies brought back Protestantism
Passed act of supremacy so became governor of Church of England
The church teachings were listed in the 39 articles including that church services were to be in English and e book of common prayer was to be used for all teaching
She passes a law saying all her subjects were to attend mass or fined
Her policies lasted till after he death


What was the Church of England also know as

The Anglican Church


Impact on Ireland ?1

Gaelic Irish stated Catholic ad they believed all wig list were suspicious
Old Irish also stayed Catholic


Counter reformation?

A response of the Catholic Church to the spread of Protestantism. Pope Paul III made biggest changes
Council of Trent
Agreed to formation of jesuits


Consequences of reformation

The counter reformation
Religiou s persecution


What was Henry's idea on Luther?

He was against him
He had been rewarded DEFENDER OF FAITH by the pope from defending his own religion so much



A list of beliefs of a religious group



A special school that trains people to be preists



A special tunic worn by those who were condemned by the inquisition


Auto da fé

Elisions ceremony at which the sentences passed y the inquisition were carried out