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Must the current airworthiness certificate (or certified copy of) be carried on board?



Must the aircraft flight manual or equivalent document be carried?



For NZ registered aircraft what must be carried in NZ? (3)

- Tech log unless under an AO Cert from a fixed base an acceptable means to inform pilot of maintenance status
- completed weight and balance
- Aircraft radio station equipment approval leves


For NZ registered aircraft operating overseas what must be carried? (3)

- Copy of general raido users licence issued by MBIE
- current certificate of registration (or certified copy)
- evidence of medical and licence for each crew


For foreign registered aircraft operating overseas what must be carried in NZ? (3)

- current certificate of registration (or certified copy)- written evidence of noise and emission compliance
- evidence of medical and licence for each crew


Do all carbon monoxide indicating systems need to be serviceable if needed?



For special category aircraft or limited airworthiness certificate when must lifed components be replaced?

- as specified in the maintenance program for the aircraft


Can components be operated beyond manufacturer's recommended TBO?

- Yes, if complies with TBO escalation procedures in maintenance programme


Can piston engine aircraft not used for hire/reward operate beyond manufacturer recommended TBO?

- Yes, if maintained IAW engine TBO escalation programme acceptable to the Director


Can piston engine aircraft not used for ATO operate beyond manufacturer recommended TBO?

- Yes, if inspected IAW methods acceptable to the Director at 5 yearly intervals except propellors must be overhauled at the manufacturer's recommended operating hours TBO.


What category aircraft is exempt from most maintenance records procedures?

- Class 1 microlight


Maintenance records must be kept for a period of _____ after the product or component is withdrawn from service.

- 12mths


Maintenance technical logs must be kept for a period of _______?

- 12mths


Maintenance on information on work actually carried out by a person (43.69) needs to be kept as long as ______ or ________?

- Until maintenance work is repeated or superseded by equivalent work
- 5 years - whichever occurs first.


Can a company with an Air Operator Certificate use a different format to a technical log?

- Yes, provided it is acceptable to the Director and information is accurate and available to the P-I-C on request


If an AO uses format other than a technical log what info must be made readily available to the P-I-C? (4)

- Identify of next scheduled inspection and date/hours due
- Date or hours of any other maintenance due prior to next inspection
- total time in service
- total cycles


What must an operator use to capture defects found during pre-flight. during flight, or after flight?

- A technical log


Which pilot can perform maintenance on an aircraft? (3)

- Current pilot licence with type rating


Who must authorise and train a pilot to conduct maintenance? (2)

- Operate of aircraft must provide written authorisation
- Holder of current aircraft maintenance engineer licence with rating must train them


What maintenance can a pilot do (if approved and trained) in an AO? (11)

- Greasing/lubrication (no disassembly)
- Replace a/c battery
- Replace fuses/lights
- GPS maintenance (quick change / database update)
- Comp wash (no disassembly + equip and procedures available)
- Install/removal seats/doors and role equipment (if config allows and AFM allows and no specialist tools)
- Repetitive airworthiness directive inspections (directive states pilots can do it, no specialist tools)
- Replenish engine oil
- Deferral of inop inst (91.537)
- Performance of routine maintenance intended by OEM (no specialist tooling)
- Self test function of 406 ELT


What maintenance can a pilot do (if approved and trained) in an non-AO? (10)

- Replace landing gear tyres/skids
- Simple fabric repairs (non flying control, no removal of control surfaces or structural part, no restringing or rib stitching)
- Restoration of decorative coatings (no removal/disassembly, no disturbance of operating system, no control surface, not a significant repaint)
- Simple repairs to fairings or non-structural cover plates
- Replenish hydraulic reservoirs
- Replace pressure oil filters
- Replace engine oil
- Remove/replace turbine engine ignitors
- Remove/replace piston spark plugs
- Remove/replace brake pads


Can any person be carried on a operational check flight of an aircraft?

No, unless they perform an essential function in connection with the operation


What must P-I-C have to conduct an operational check flight?

- Current pilot licence and type rating


Does a test pilot need to be approved by the Director to conduct a prototype/experimental flight?



IFR radio test period?

- 24mths


Altimeters must be inspected within what period?

- 24mths


Inspection period for transponders?

- 24mths


Inspection period for the ELT? (2)

- 12mths/100hrs
- 12mths for AO ops


What is the Part 121 requirement for GPWS (unless)?

- Holder of AOC must have GPWS on a turbine powered aeroplane unless it has TAWS Class A already installed.


What class TAWS must a turbine powered aircraft on a Part 121 have?

- Class A


What class TAWS must a piston powered aircraft on a Part 121 have?

- Class B


Is ACAS II required on Part 121 AO? Unless?

- Yes
- Unless, freight only Convair or F27 (with collision risk assessment and mitigation acceptable to Director)


What must an IFR aircraft be equipped with over and above PArt 91.509 and Part 91.511 (Night VFR lights etc) (8)

- Attitude (gyro or inertial)
- Mag heading (gyro or inertial)
- Power supply to any gyro is adequate
- Sensitive P.A., in ft, adjustable Mb or Hp
- Time in hrs, min, seconds,
- Airspeed in knots, preventing malfunctioning due to either condensation or icing,
- ROC or ROD


IFR Comms requirement? (2)

- Meets level 1 standards
- Continuous 2 way comms with ATS


IFR Nav requirement? (3)

- Level 1 standards
- Enable a/c to proceed IAW flight plan, designated RNP airspace (if applicable), requirements of ATC


Does RNP nav system need Director approval?



Aircraft operating in MNPS airspace under ICAO DOC 7030 must? (2)

- Be equipped with continuous indication to crew adherence to or departure from track IAW MNPS
- Be approved by Director


RVSM aircraft must indicate to crew aural and visual alert to deviations of? (2 - before 1 Jan 97 and after 31 Dec 96)

- 300ft before 1 Jan 97
- 200ft after 31 Dec 96


Do RVSM aircraft need to indicated to aircrew the FL being flown?

- Yes


Do RVSM aircraft need to automatically maintain a selected FL?

- Yes


Do RVSM aircraft need to automatically switch between two systems and also automatically report P.A.?

- yes


Do Comm and Nav equipment when in RNP/MNPS need to be configured so failure of one independent system the other one can still enable RNP/MNPS?

- Yes


Generally, what do international Part 121 operators need if operating outside NZ on regular Air transport service?

- Additional ELT


Generally, what do Part 121 operators need to ensure if failure of independent or both NAV/Comm system?

- Does not result in inability to communicate and safely navigate the route being flown


When is a third presentation of attitude required?

- Each AOC holder for turbojet or turbofan aircraft


Aircraft emergency equipment:
- 10 or more pax? (2)
- 20 or more pax (1)
- 61 pax or more (1)

- 10 or more = First aid kits + hand held fire extinguishers
- 20 or more = Axe (crew)
- 60 or more = Megaphone (crew access + Table 9)


Does each emergency equipment need clear indication of its use?

- Yes


Doe first aid kits need markings showing their contents?

- Yes


When are megaphones not needed?

- When aircaft is carrying cargo in pax compartment converted to cargo


What must content of first aid kid consider?

- Treatment of injuries likely to occur in flight or in minor accidents


Easy way to remember number of first aid kits required per pax seating count?

- Number per hundred (e.g. 2 for 101-200, 6 for 501-600)


Where do hand held fire extinguishers need to be? (4)

- Near entrance to each cargo compartment
- Flight deck
- A galley not in a pax/crew or cargo compartment
- Accessible to each galley in a pax config


Number of hand held fire extinguishers in the passenger compartment to passengers?

1-30 (1)
31-60 (2)
61-200 (3)
201-300 (4)
301-400 (5)
401-500 (6)
501-600 (7)
601 or more (8)


Megaphone location to pax number?

61-99 (1 most rearward)
100 or more (1 forward, one most rearward)


Part 121 night equipment (2)

- Landing light
- A light in each pax compartment


Aprt 121 AOC holders with flights greater than _____ minutes must have _________ sutibale for use by qualified medical personnel containing items for treatment of medical emergencies or injuries.

- 120min
- medical kit


Part 121 must have protective breathing equipment conveniently located and accessible to each? (2)

- Each flight crew member in normal seated position
- Each crew member


Where must Part 121 protective breathing equipment be installed? (4)

- Flight crew compartment
- Every pax compartment within 1m of each hand held fire extinguisher (or acceptable to Director)
- In a galley that contains a hand held fire extinguisher
- Accessible to crew outside each Class A, B and E cargo compartment


A P-I-C must ensure each flight crew member has access to what equipment?

Accurate means of indicating time


Which aircraft must have altitude alerting system?

- Turbofan or turbojet


Roughly what form of visual and aural forms are alerting is acceptable for turbofan/jet?

- Aural and visual for altitude acquisition; or
- Visual for acquisition and aural for deviation


Roughly when are altitude alerting systems not required for turboject/fan aircraft?

- Ferrying for installation
- Flight Test
- Ferrying for sale outside NZ
- Sales demo flight
- Training foreign crews before ferrying to register otuside NZ


For an aircraft IFR that does not have an altitude alerting system what must they have? (1)

- Means of indicating altitude assigned by ATC.


Requirements of an assigned altitude indicator (3)

- Located readily adjusted from each pilot
- Display assigned altitude clearly visible
- Uses pre selected altitudes commensurate with altitudes which aircraft will be operated


Generally may operate an aircraft without an ELT installed if? (2)

- ferry for install; and
- no pax


May fly with inoperative automatic ELT if? (2)

- Ferry for repairs' and
- no pax





Does an international AOC under Part 121 need an additional ELT?

- Yes


Can Part 121 international operate without automatic ELT? (3)

- Yes
- Aeroplane certificate before 1 Jul 2008
- Regular ATO to/from/within countries outside NZ, and
- 2 ELTs instead of Automatic ELT