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Pilots operating an aircraft in NZ must have one of three licences? (3)

- Issued by NZ
- Foreign pilot licences with validation permit
- Issued by CASA if TTMR applicable


Does a pilot need a type rating attached to their license to operate that aircraft?

- Yes


How can type ratings be accepted? (5)

- By CAA under Pt 61
- attached to a foreign validation permit
- attached to foreign pilot licence by the authority of country of aircraft registry
- Attached to a foreign licence by the country the NZ aircraft is operated in overseas
- Under TTMR


Who doesn't need a pilot licence OR rating? (2)

- Student pilot
- Balloon, glider, hang glider, microlight, or paraglider, or powered glider if not for hire/reward, and operating under appropriate part


Who doesn't need a rating? (3)

- A Cat Instructor for SE aeroplane if they hold similar type rating
- Test pilot
- When authorised by instructor when learning to get a type rating (e.g. solo on conversion course)


Can the Director issue a current flight instructor authority to act as PIC on an aircraft they do not have a rating in?

- Yes - for first of type authorisation.


Does a logbook need to be certified correct at the bottom of each page?



Does PICUS need to be entered into a logbook?



For check flights what details of the person conducting the test need to be entered into the logbook?

- Name, client number, and signature


Who must retain the logbook?

- the pilot licence holder


If a pilot licence is revoked how long must the logbook be retained?

- at least 12 months


If computed generated logbook report is inserted into the logbook are any manual entries still needed?

- Yes, an entry summarising the total flight time of the reports


How must incorrect logbook entries be handled?

- line through and write next to it or a new line


Before a pilot submits logbook to Director they must? (3)

- each page total each column
- in spaces provided enter their total flight experience
- below last entry sign to verify the correctness


Timelines for logbook entry?

- 7 days unless international ATO then 14 days.


If pilot away from base where logbook is kept for extended period then how long to enter upon return?

- 48hrs


Min age for solo?



Medical requirement for solo? (2)

- Class 2
- Class 2,3,4 or 5 drivers licence medical with passenger endorsement issued in last 5 years (24mths if older than 40)


Communication requirement for solo?

- Sufficient reading, speaking, and understanding communicating ability in English language to adequately carry out PIC


Who can authorise solo?

- Cat A, B, C (must be A or B for first solo)


What must A or B be sure of being trained in before first solo? (13)
Where must they certify it?

- Prep for flight
- start and run up
- taxiing
- S&L
- climb and descending
- level, climbing and descending turns
- take off, circuit and landing that type
- practical RTF
- go-around
- Aeroplane - stalling
- Aeroplane - EFATO
- Helo - hovering upwind, downwind, crosswind
- Helo - Emerg procedures (including autorotative approach and landing

- Must certify in their logbook (but can be done after sending them for their first solo)


Solo student must of had dual instruction within last ____ hrs unless authorised by?

- 5hrs of flight experience
- A or B


- Solo cross country needs to be authorised by? And they also must have?

- A or B
- Valid written examination credit for PPL


You cannot be PIC if you don't have a pilot licence to conduct the following activities? (4)

- For remuneration
- Hire/reward
- International Flight
- Carrying any other person other than instructor or examiner


Age for ATPL?

- Min 21


Need a CPL or Senior CPL for issue of ATPL?

- Yes


Need a current instrument rating for ATPL?

- Yes


Min hours for ATPL (aeroplane and helo)

- 1500hrs aeroplane
- 1000hrs Helo


ATPL flight test must be conducted how? (5)

- Cross country
- multi engine greater than 5700kg, or
- multi engine aircraft acceptable to the Director, or
- synthetic flight trainer approved for ATPL issue flight tests


ATPL allows you to? (2)

- Operate privelages of PPL and CPL
- Act as PIC on aircraft that requires a co-pilot when engaged on ATO or any operation for hire/reward


ATPL holder must not operate as PIC for an aircraft on an ATO that requires PIC to hold an ATPL unless within last 90 days...?

- 3 take offs and landings as PIC in aircraft of SFT; or
- Demonstrated continued competency to FEx; or
- Demonstrated to flight instructor competence in takeoff and landing during day in an aircraft of same type; BUT
- one landing required by 1st or 3rd requirement may be a monitored autoland


Biennial flight review lasts?



Who doesn't need to do a BFR? (3)

- Those doing competency checks under 119, 121, 125, 135
- Meet ag requirements under 61.707
- Holds a current A, B, or C flight instructor rating


Who must do a BFR?

- appropriate QFI


What must BFR include? (2)

- Review those manoeuvres and procedures applicable to the pilot licence privelages
- Be IAW standards acceptable to the Director


What must the QFI enter into the logbook immediately after a BFR? (4)

- licence type
- date
- date in which review expires
- name/flight instructor category/client number of QFI


What form must QFI submit after BFI and to who?

- CAA BFR Form and submit copy of completed form to Director and plot


Grace period of conducting BFR BEFORE the due date?

- 60 days


If the medical is met can you exercise the privelages of a lower licence type?

- Yes, provided currency of lower type is met


Flight crew competency check by a FEx must be run by the air operator cert holder for pilots every?

- 6mths


What must 6mth competency assessment include Part 121? (2)

- Procedures including emergency procedures appropriate to the equipment fitted to the aeroplane and to the type of operations to which pilot is assigned by the cert holder
- include human factors and CRM


An AOC much ensure each pilot conducting an ATO must do a written or oral test on specific subjects within what preceding time period?

- 12 mths


Under Part 121/125 what is the recency requirement for an aeroplane route check including aerodrome proficiency?

- 12 mths


What must 12 mth aircraft proficiency route check by a FEx include Pt 121/5? (2)

- At least one flight over one route segment and one or more landings at aerodromes representative of the operations to be flown
- pilot can satisfactorily perform the duties required of them for that type of operation


What must 6mth competency check include Part 125? (2)

- Procedures including emergency procedures appropriate to the equipment fitted to the aeroplane and to the type of operations to which pilot is assigned by the cert holder
- conducted in same type of aeroplane or sim


IR Currency requirement within previous 12 mths? (2)

- Demonstrated competency for appropriate category to FEx
- Certified in logbook by the FEx


IR Currency requirement within previous 3 mths? 3)

- Either done a competency check; or
- 3hrs instrument time (must include 1hr instrument flight time; and
- at least 3 published IAP (1 of which can be in a sim)


IR currency requirement for off centreline multi-engine?

- Demonstrated competency check in a non-centreline ME aircraft


If you are carrying out an IAP what is your currency requirement to conduct that approach?

- Done one (similar type of navigation system) within last 3mths in flight or in a sim


IRT grace period?

- 60 days


If you haven't done your 3 mth IR currency requirement can you still fly IFR?

- Yes as a support pilot provided you are not flying an AO


What is a 'similar type of navigation system' for the purposes of IR currency?

- Not defined but effectively Precision vs Non-Precision


If a licence holder learns of a medical condition that may affect their licence what must they do? (2)

- Advise Director ASAPrac
- not exercise the privileges


Validity of Class 1 medicals? (2)

- 6mths if single pilot AOs if applicant over 40
- 12mths in all other cases


Grace period for medical certificates? But only if?

- 30 days
- They would normally recieve the maximum allowed (e.g. 12mth certificates)


Can someone have a 6mth and a 12mth class 1?

- ip someone over 40 who is doing both SE AOs and multi-engine AOs (one for each)