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(550-486 BC) King of Persia from 522 to 486 BC; he reorganized and strengthened the Persian Empire by reforming the army and the government.

Darius I


A remarkable leader who managed to reunite he Persian Empire in a powerful kingdom. Under Cyrus, Persia began building an empire larger than any yet seen in the world

Cyrus the Great


Who freed the Jewish people from their slavery?

Cyrus the Great


A complex of palaces, reception halls, and treasury buildings erected by the Persian kings Darius I and Xerxes in the Persia.



A road for the government use built by the ancient Persian ruler Darius which helped unite the empire.

Royal Road


Canal that connected Red Sea to the Nile made by the Persian Empire.

Darius' Canal


A Persian king and Son of Darius, amassed an army that outnumbered the Greeks 2 to 1 in order to avenge the Persian loss at the battle of Marathon. Ended up razing and burning Athens to the ground. However his large navy was defeated in a narrow strait at Thermopylae and at the naval battle of Salamis, mainly because of Themistocles genius.



Elite Persian fighting force which protected the King at all cost; had at least 10,000 members.



A sort of monotheistic religion originating in ancient Iran with the prophet Zoroaster. Emphasized truth-telling, purity, and reverence for nature, the religion demanded that humans choose sides between good and evil.



God of Zoroastrianism - created everything and works for good.

Ahura Mazda


Central places for Zoroastrian worship; buildings that have sacred fire burning in them all the time.

Fire Temples


First systems of weights and measures. First system of postal delivery. First system of currency with pictures of their leader on it. First system of roads or infrastructure.

Innovations of Persia