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How many defective hydrants may be reported on a CD-63



You can use blue or black pen to fill out a CD-63?

False It is important to use BLACK pen


The completed form is sent to ?

NYCDEP via fax


A Defective hydrant file must be maintained. Where shall it be located?

In the front portioned of the hydrant card files


Hydrant discs shall be placed on unserviceable hydrants except?

High pressure hydrants in accord with regs 28.3
High pressure hydrants are not inspected nor reported as defective


Upon receipt of a repair ticket from the NYCDEP, the officer shall remove the hydrant card from the defective folder and cause an inspection, if the hydrant is found satisfactory, the hydrant disc shall be removed and entries shall be made where?

In RED on the Hydrant card, repair ticket and CD-63. Include "repaired"... date and officers name.The card shall be returned to its proper place in the file


Units shall note on the hydrant card the presence of a custodian locking device. How?

"CN" on the front of the card under the 3 digit repair ID number


A priority hydrant is?

The only hydrant on the block
A hydrant which is vital to the protection of a high profile location or critical infrastructure. "PRIORITY HYDRANT" in RED on the top of the hydrant card (BP 47A)


A priority REPAIR is?

A priority hydrant OOS
2 Adjacent hydrants OOS in the same block (both reported as PR)
PR shall be put in the Hydrant type code


Are yellow hydrants included in regular hydrant inspection duties?

BTW they require 18 turns clockwise to fully open not 17 like ours


Hydrants shall be reported defective when?

An inspection reveals a defect that wasn't PREVIOUSLY reported.

A hydrant report previously has not been repaired since the last semi-annual inspection.

Upon receipt of a work ticket from NYCDEP that reveals the work to be unsatisfactory.


Do not submit a CD-63 for missing caps and chains unless the defect has existed for how long?

24 months since the original was submitted or the work performed under a work ticket was unsatisfactory