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Fire Department personnel will NEVER be permitted to operate on track areas unless...

Assured power is off. Positive assurance shall be verified thru the FD dispatcher.


The rule to NEVER operate on a track unless power is removed may be ignored only if?

Life is in imminent peril and direct and immediate action is required to save life.


The first consideration on arrival at an operation involving electrified track will be?

Determination of whether the power is to remain on or turned off


When power removal is required it shall be accomplished via?

Apparatus radio through our own dispatcher


Auxiliary contact can be made with the desk superintendent via?

TA Police officer, other employee with a TA radio, a telephone at the token booth, and at areas designated by the blue light


When power is removed these systems WILL NOT be affected

Lights in the right of way,station lights,signals,drainage pump equip, tunnel ventilation equipment and train headlights.


The possibility of a coasting train must ALWAYS be expected..True or False?



When conditions do not require power removal, recon can be performed by the officer and one member operating as a team from?

Platforms and catwalks


Emergency exits might prove the most direct means of access to the fire area. What has priority use of the stair? Evacuating passengers or Stretching a line to extinguish the fire?

Evacuating Passengers will ALWAYS be given priority use of this means


A engine and truck can set up a Handi Talkie Relay with how many members?



Whats the acronym for the handi talkie relay?



What is the positions of the relay members?

Chauffeur 50 yards from stairs to street
OVM 50 Yards of the Chauffeur
Roof 50 yards from the stair on the platform
Engine officer 100 yards from the roofman (LOS)
Truck officer to fire
Add'l members every 100 yds if necessary


Any member not needed in the relay shall proceed to the location of the incident. This is determined by?

Truck officer.


There are occasions when the fire will be under the platform. If this is the case, members will not be permitted in track areas unless?

Power is removed, confirmation of same by dispatcher, members are posted at both ends of the platform, an alternate area of refuge is assured.


If a train is to be evacuated people should be evacuated to a station through a train, if the train is unable to proceed to the station consider transferring passengers to another train. As a last resort how would you evacuate the passengers?

Walk passengers out of the tunnel via the roadbed or benchwall.


Whenever possible, small fires in elevated tracks shall be extinguished?

Via hand lines from the street below


Aerial ladders and tower ladders shall NEVER be extended beyond the railing where they could be exposed over the track area to a moving train. TRUE or FALSE



What will you find near the blue light

Power removal box, telephone, and extinguisher


If you encounter an out of service power removal box how do you remove power from the tracks?

Use the associated telephone to contact rail control center and request power off.


If the truck officer did not obtain the token booth phone number on his way to the location of the incident how can he communicate with particular to the chief?

Use the blue light phone to call the desk superintendent. The desk superintendent will relay the blue light number to the chief. The chief can call from his cell phone or use the preferred method, token booth phone.


The truck officer should obtain what info from the token booth clerk before proceeding to the location of the emergency or fire

Token booth phone number


The controls to open a door in emergency mode are located?

On the bulkhead near the doors. Older subway cars they are under the seat closest to the door. Pull the handle up.


200' 400' 600' 800' what do these numbers represent in subway operations?

Gate valves are 200 ' apart
Signs on the Manhattan Bridge are 400' apart
Power removal boxes are 600' apart
Power removal boxes on the air train guideway are 800' apart


Emergency exits are opened with the emergency exit key there are 3 different shapes. Some have other than normal shapes what tools will be required to open these exits?

Pair of vise grips or pliers


All electrical components under the car shall be considered an extension of the third rail. TRUE or FALSE



The information that should be provided at all subway staions is defined by the acronym REST MAP what does is represent?

Location of:
Emergency exits
Token booths
Map of station


Subway stations showing a green globe indicates that the entrance is open 24 hrs per day However there may or may not be a token booth clerk. What would you expect to find at this location if no clerk was present?


High Entrance EXIT Turnstile or gate
opens with 1620 key


All issues with missing or defective equipment or non compliance with subway SOP's by MTA, AMTRACK, etc are reported to whom?



The metro card is missing from the rig what do you do?

Phone PTSU
Lost property report
Police report


FDNY can use the trains destination as a point of reference when giving the trains direction of travel, a train going over the Manhattan Bridge traveling into Brooklyn can be referred to in 2 ways. They are?

Brooklyn bound or South Bound


Transit Authority pad locks have special keys which cannot be duplicated. Where can they be obtained if needed?

Token booth clerk, FDNY will not be given these keys


The decision to use a light train may only be made by?

Chief in Charge


The primary means of communication between a light train and the CIC is?

The train operators radio


Who else has a radio similar to the train operators radio

Train conductor has a hand held radio


FD units shall not enter the track area from a light train unless power has been removed.How will they be notified?

The TA will notify the FD unit on the light train directly and the CIC through the FD dispatcher


A light train shall not travel past the next station without the permission of?

The Chief in Charge


Light trains are to be used to transport firefighters to small fires readily extinguishable by?

One or two extinguishers. They are also used to investigate the source of minor smoke conditions and other similar type incidents.


Ventilation fans are located at both ends of ALL under river tubes except?

The Lenox-White Plains tube btwn 135th and 149th Street stations.


Most Transit system ventilation fans operate in this mode

Exhaust mode. Under river tube fans are reversible


It is FDNY policy to order fan activation only after the IC has assessed the need for and potential impact of such action based on an on-going size up. The IC in this case refers to whom?

An officer above the rank of Captain (BC or above)


Evacuation of passengers from under river tubes should take place in which direction?

Away from any fan operating in exhaust mode


What are the two acceptable ways to evacuate from the under river tubes in a smoke condition?

Track bed and Benchwall


Catenary wires are overhead wires that carry approx 12kv of AC power. They retain residual static electric after power has been removed. Who removes this static electricity?

Class "A" employee or "A" man


Voltage detecting device is used by the "A" man to detect AC current. It will detect if the power source has been discontinued. What wont it detect?

Residual static current


The application of water shall only be considered when these three sources of power have been removed

Power to third rail
480V standby power and
Power to Catenary lines


All fire streams should take advantage of the reach of the fog stream and maintain a minimum approach distance of?

10 Feet, Also short burst of fog stream shall be used to avoid pooling of water.


Hose streams should not be operated over the top of a train where pantograph or Catenary wires are located. When opening the nozzle ALWAYS divert the stream to a safe area momentarily to visually check the fog pattern is set properly. TRUE or FALSE



There are 4 things that the IC must confirm prior to allowing members to operate on the track on AMTRACK railroad lines unless life is in peril. What are they?

Train movement stopped
DC power removal
AC power removal
480 Standby power removal


The PENN Station command post is located at the Taxi Stand which is located?

At street level at the center of the terminal


The procedure for removing the catenary power in a tunnel during a fire or emergency involves a two phase procedure.Phase 1 is on the Penn Station side and Phase 2 is on the Queens or Bergen portal depending on the location of the incident. When is it ok to proceed with emergency ops?

Phase 1 of power removal is complete, emergency operations are clear to proceed.


The standpipe outlet at platform level will be located inside a locked stainless steel cabinet. The cabinet can be opened by using?

The standard subway emergency exit key.

The cabinet will NOT contain hose.


Any firefighter who recognizes that the station is served by a dry standpipe system shall relay this information back to?

The engine officer and Chauffeur


Units equipped with sound powered phones shall bring what 3 things to the platform level?

Handset, 1620 key, subway emergency key


The standard handi-talkie relay procedure for communicating during subway emergencies can be AUGMENTED by sound powered phones, depending on the circumstances and the location of the incident. TRUE or FALSE?

TRUE...This is a recent change!


If the dry standpipe is going to be used for firefighting purposes the engine company shall carry?

Roll ups
Subway emergency key
Standpipe kit
and 1620 key


The EED is yellow, 7 foot long and weighs 42 lbs. It provides a ramp to ascend and descend from a train car onto the track bed at a 70 degree angle. They can be found where?

At underground and grade level stations they are located at the 1st blue light location south of the southbound platform (typically within 50' of the platform end)
At elevated stations they will be at the full time token booth
Base of the emergency exit at both ends of each under river tunnel
SI, Tower B in St George and nearby the crew qtrs in Tottenville


AirTrains operate unmanned. TRUE or FALSE



A blue light station power removal box is located at each end of each platform. Inside the power removal box there is a red power removal button, which when pressed, de-energizes both inbound and outbound tracks on the guideway for how far?

At least the entire length of the station platform


AirTrain cars have both headlights and taillights on the front and rear of ALL cars.Members can ascertain which is the front of an AirTrain and which is the rear of an AirTrain by following:

The headlights will be on in the front and the taillights will be on in the rear


There are no front and rear doors on a Airtrain. In an emergency car doors can be opened from the inside or the outside by activating and emergency door release handle. This handle is located alongside the door on the inside or the outside. If the train is stopped outside the station and the release is pulled will the door open?

The door will only open on the side of the train where a walkway is located.


Blue light station power removal boxes are located every 800 feet along the guideway. The have a red power removal button and what else inside the box?

A schematic that should be used to determine the sections of the guideway that have been de-energized.

Members must ALWAYS verify which sections of the guideway have been de-energized.


In a life threatening situation and the blue light station power removal box has been activated, one handi-talkie equipped member must remain at the blue light station power removal box to insure power remains off. Power can be restored by?

Only AirTrain personnel


The location of the third rail within the guideway varies It may be found on either side of the tracks. Members accessing the guideway from a tower ladder or an aerial ladder or from any location must first ascertain the location of the 3rd rail, prior to proceeding onto the guideway. What indicates that the 3rd rail is between the tracks?

The presence of a guardrail above the parapet wall of the elevated guideway.

In this case there is a SIDE walkway present


when no guardrail is visible above the parapet wall it usually indicates?

That the 3rd rail is on the outside of the tracks and that the walkway is located between the rails.

There are exceptions throughout the system


AirTrain personnel have grounding straps. When are placed forward and aft of the operation, these grounding straps insure that power is grounded and cannot be restored between the two straps. The IC shall insure that these are in place before members are committed to the guideway. The only exception to this procedure is?

When the IC determines that an imminent life hazard exists and time does not allow for the placing of the grounding straps.


At least one tower ladder must be assigned to all AirTrain incidents/emergencies. Units should rely on the reported column number and other information received to guide them to the reported location. The primary method for evacuating passengers from an AirTrain is?

Rescue Train from either the front or rear of the disabled train or to the adjoining track.


The elevated guideway above the Van Wyck Expressway has no guardrails on the parapet wall. This indicates that there is a center walkway and that the 3rd rail will be found immediately inside the parapet wall. Units shall ALWAYS?

Ascertain the location of the 3rd rail
Do not enter the track unless power is confirmed off and the grounding straps are in place. If there is an imminent life hazard the IC shall insure that the blue light station power removal box is activated before operations commence


Most guideways between stations require FD apparatus to stop on high speed roadways to operate.The primary means of accessing the guideway is?

The nearest overpass. There are 7 along the Van Wyck where units can operate in a safer more efficient manner.


The placing of an apparatus alongside a high speed roadway for access to the guideway will ALWAYS require the complete closing of the roadway. Who should be notified to assist with these closures?

PD and PAPD on JFK property


In order to assist the IC operating at a NYC Transit incident The MTA in conjunction with FDNY have established a TLO (Transit Liaison Officer). The TLO will be an assigned BC assigned to respond to the Transit Control Center in what instances?

10-75 or greater for a fire or emergency in ANY section of the system
Any incident the IC deems beneficial
Any incident the RCC requests same


Under no circumstances shall the removal of power or the confirmation that power has been removed be requested or given through the TLO. Who must this this be requested and confirmed by?

Via the Fire Department Borough Communications office.


NYCTA has installed repeater radio systems for all underground subway stations and subway tunnels throughout NYC except?

SI. we don't have none!!! LOL


Subway repeater channels are?

Ch 14 subway 1
Ch 15 subway 2

The repeater system will also carry the Handi-Talkie internal ID #'s and will support the emergency alert feature.


The IC must ensure that a method of communication is in place to cover every member operating at an incident. Once operations are underway and conditions dictate, The IC can have the repeater tested to see if it is functioning. Once confirmed, the IC may attempt to use the repeater system as what channel?

Command Channel Ch 14 Subway 1

All FDNY members other than those designated to switch to the repeater channel, will remain on HT channel 1.


Experience has shown that the Post radio is unreliable when communicating to below grade locations. TRUE or FALSE?



The subway repeater system is similar to building repeaters and cannot support multiple messages transmitted at the same time. Any members operating on the repeater channel MUST?

Be teamed up with an Hand-Talkie equipped member operating on Channel 1 (tactical channel)


Minor emergencies such as rubbish fires on the platform, medical emergencies etc The company officer shall determine the channel assignments of his members.(who's on tac 1 and who's on repeater) At major fires such as train derailments or fires who decides what channels to use?

The IC can use the repeater as a secondary command or tactical channel. The IC will determine which officers /firefighters operate on the repeater channel.


The signs of repeater failure are?

Unusual long periods of silence
Continued inability to make radio contact on the repeater channel. The team shall return to a safe area where previous communications were successful


Post radios and UHF mobile radios in BC and DC vehicles have a reverse frequency AKA talk around channel. This feature allows these specific radios to broadcast emergency messages to members on the receive frequency and receive messages on the transmit frequency of the handi-talkie repeater channel being used at the time of the failure. A sample emergency message may be?

The repeater system has failed All members switch HT's to channel 1

Note: The IC should conduct a roll call of units on the scene after notifications are made and all members have switched back to ch 1


One of the only times you don't notify PTSU directly for issues with public entities is?

When FDNY experiences problems with a NYCTA repeater. Notify the Borough communications office via department radio. Include the exact location or the station.


Single exit station stickers are 8"x8" with a black pictorial with a yellow background. They are located on the station entrance signs at street level. They will be provided for any station where the egress from the platform area is restricted to only one end of the platform The IC MUST?

Ensure that these platform areas, which do not provide egress at both ends of the platform, are inspected thoroughly


The Nolan ATS-1 Emergency rail cart is a lightweight aluminum that cart that can transport?

Tools, Equipment and non- ambulatory patients.Avoid allowing equipment to extend beyond the sides of the cart to prevent contact with tunnel walls or the 3rd rail. Likewise, stretchers and stokes baskets should extend over the front and rear of the cart, instead of the sides.


Company commanders shall ensure rail carts are stored in a visible location on the apparatus floor which is easily accessible for rapid response and when needed, to enable special called units to locate the rail cart. Rail carts shall only be secured to the apparatus when special called for an operation or training with?

2 yellow ratchet straps. Upper straps are attached to grab handles and lower strap is attached to lower tow loops.
The rail cart also comes with 2 red cam buckle straps


The Nolan rail carts will be dispatched upon transmission of?

All hands 7-5 doubtful or greater for a railroad incident.


Two rail carts can be connected together using a connector plate. A read square is painted on the surface corner of the rail cart to denote?

The location of the wheel lock.