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The PSC requires utility companies to conduct an investigation whenever INJURIES OR FATALITIES are sustained from CO poisoning during an emergency in a building where natural gas may have been a contributing factor or any FIRE OR EMERGENCY where Natural gas may have been a contributing factor. Therefore, the IC shall notify the utility company anytime a natural gas valve has been shut down. What info is also required?

Location and type of valve.

You do not have to wait for the utility company unless conditions indicate and or you requested an immediate response.


DOB no longer requires immediate notification for routine incidents that DO NOT result in incidents. However, incidents in NYCHA require notification to whom?

NYCTA. DOB does not require notification for incidents occurring in NYCTA buildings and facilities


1 Engine OR 1 Ladder will be assigned to ALL Class "E" alarms 24 hrs per day. Same policy for Class "J" alarms from 0700-1900. 1901-0659 normal box assignments shall be assigned. Engine companies alternate months starting in January and Ladders alternate months starting in February. If a subsequent alarm of any type is received for the same address, what happens?

The remainder of the 1st alarm assignment is dispatched.


At class "E" alarms members entering the building shall be equipped with their PPE and SCBA. Ladder companies shall bring their usual compliment of tools. Engine companies shall bring FE tools into the lobby. At this time NO roll ups of hose will be required. If the alarm panel does reset, the officer shall remain at the panel for how long?

Approximately 2-3 minutes to assure that the rest holds. If the panel does not reset or is activated again, the officer must view the panel for location and verify the floor from which the alarm is transmitted.


In addition to the member remaining in the apparatus, the officer shall leave an additional member of the engine or ladder company in the lobby. If they use an elevator, the officer and the remaining members shall investigate while 1 FF remains with the elevator. Upon any indication of SMOKE OR HEAT the officer shall?

Contact the member in the lobby or the chauffeur and request additional help. (Transmit the box or 10-76)


Unless there will be an undue delay in the arrival of additional units, the engine company shall remain where?

The lobby and await the arrival of a ladder company.
Ladder companies need not return to the lobby since they have their tools with them.


The ladder company chauffeur shall report to the lobby and obtain any information from where?

Alarm panel, building personnel, etc.


An open hydrant discharges ~1000 gpm where a hydrant with a spray cap discharges ~25 GPM so when placing a spray cap it is important to emphasize that the hydrant should only be opened how much?

Partially turned on. Just enough to get an adequate stream.

Anyone requesting a spray cap must be over 18 years of age.


Hydrants with custodian locks require FDNY unit to open and close them for the civilians. The civilian should expect FDNY to turn of the hydrant within what time frame?

1 Hour. If multiple requests are received the company commander shall set up a policy where the unit goes out and places all the caps for the day at one time.


There are many community sponsored gardens that use hydrants for water. Units are not to turn on these hydrants, but they shall inform the requesting party to contact whom?

Operation Green Thumb


Private groups, public agencies and other community groups shall be directed to contact NYCDEP to use locked hydrants. The exception to this rule is?

A unit may open a locked hydrant for Con Edison to cool overheated transformers. This request will come via the dispatcher.
Under no circumstances shall a custodian wrench be given or loaned to the public.


Spray caps SHOULD NOT be installed on hydrants located on mains larger than 20". No caps should be installed on 2 way streets, near intersections, on bus routes or access routes to main traffic arteries, and any hydrants painted what colors?

Red or Yellow


Use of hydrant spray caps must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult at all time. Spray caps may only be used during what times?



Whenever the IC deems appropriate he or she should utilized the pass it on program to identify an incident where the lessons learned or reinforced may be beneficial to all. The IC may be the rank of _______or above?


The information for the Pass it On program should be faxed to the Bureau of Operations within 24hrs of the operation. Prior to faxing an immediate phone call shall be made to the admin division


Anthrax is not contagious. The decision to decontaminate civilians or FDNY members will be made by the IC in consultation with?

NYC Dept of Health


IF an unknown package is opened, its contents are assumed to be hazardous and the unit shall?

Isolate the package
Move the person to another isolated area
Request Squad and SOD for hazard assessment


If the circumstances of the call lead you to high index of suspicion that the patient has been exposed to and unknown substance from a container or package, members shall?

Ask patient to remove their clothing
If the patient is unable, don PPE and remove same

Patients clothing shall be bagged in clear plastic bags and left on scene with the competent authority.
DO NOT delay patient care and or transport. Critical or Unstable transport immediately


Security decals have been affixed to the drivers side door in an area where it will be noticed when approaching the driver. Each decal is individually numbered. Any personnel observing a marked apparatus or voluntary hospital ambulance that is part of the 911 system that does not have a security decal shall contact?

The Borough Dispatcher with a mixer off message indicating the number, type, and location of the vehicle.

DO NOT approach the vehicle


Battalion and company commanders are responsible to ensure that all vehicles have security decals affixed to the drivers side door of the vehicle. If the decal on an ambulance is damaged the vehicle is OOS. If it is a fire apparatus the unit?

Remains in service. All remnants of the damaged decals shall be recovered and preserved.
An immediate notification to fleet services is required for a replacement.
Company journal entry is required along with a letterhead to Commissioner of fleet services via the chain of command. A copy of the report with the decal remains shall be sent to BFI.


Members of all ranks are encouraged to participate in the near miss program. The submission of a near miss is anonymous and will not be traced back to the member. Who has final approval of posting of near misses?

Chief of Safety

No endorsements are required on this application


There are 2 types of smoke alarms photoelectric and ionization. Photoelectric are the most reliable for smoldering fires. The ionization type are most reliable for what type of fires?

Flaming fires, which may occur in kitchens and garages


The suggested criteria for distributing smoke detectors are:

Minor fires or emergencies
No smoke alarm present or non operable due to a missing or dead battery
Older adult 60 years of age
Children under 5 years of age
The recipient must complete an "Affidavit of Receipt"


Members responding to incidents at embassies should expect delays which may magnify fire or emergency conditions. These buildings should be entered into the CIDS program. If a fire is suspected or verified engine companies should?

Stretch a handline to the front of the building and or bring roll ups.

If entry is denied do not cause an incident and do not enter.

Protect exposures and set up a tower ladder for exterior ops in front of the building.
If asked to leave do not argue do so.


Group 1 call type require responding unit to operate in the 10-20 mode. What are they?

Water leaks
Trees down (no wires or vehicles effected)
Lock ins (no food on the stove)
Slavage truck
ERS no contact (2300-0800)