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Doors found with one, two or three locks can be forced in one of several ways. One way is to place the fork of the halligan ~6" above or below the lock with the bevel side of the fork next to the door. If stiff resistance is meet you should?

Place the bevel side towards the door jamb


Taking action at the hinge side of the door is another method of forcing entry. What hinge should you attack first?

ALWAYS attack the upper hinge first


For flush fitting outward opening doors you may use the adz or fork end of the halligan tool to force open the door. If using the fork end you know you should place what side of the fork towards the door?

The concave side

If you use the adz end it should be 6" above or below the lock


Police locks require a 5/32" square key tool to turn the stem of the lock. A double bar lock aka fox lock also requires the use of this 5/32" key tool However, to open the door you must know to turn the lock in which direct?

Towards the bottom bar thus unlocking the door


Security gates are found in all areas of the city. There are 3 types of gates. Manual, mechanical, and electric. Electric doors are readily identifiable by the large metal housing adjacent to either side of the drum. Where would the key switch to operate these type of doors normally be found?

On the building wall on either side of the door


If the various doors cannot be opened quickly and a delay is anticipated and heavy fire conditions exist and application of water is of immediate necessity the security gate may be cut with a saw. What is the suggested method?

A small triangle below the center of the door for stream application
A larger triangle, the slats on either side can be removed by sliding the slates towards the cut.


One method of forcing these electric security gates is to access the roller chain and cut the chain with bolt cutters. After the chain is cut the door is now hanging free and you now have a manually operated door. How many men would it take to raise the door?

2 or 3 men may now raise the door


The cardinal rule is try the doorknob. However, sometimes a panel may be removed in the door to gain access. This should not be done EXCEPT?

When the fire is MINOR!!!!

Whats a minor fire??? Now that's a question!


To avoid injury the axe firefighter shall NEVER strike without being specifically instructed to do so by the member holding the halligan tool. The tool is held with the hand on the hook end palm up and the hand on the fork end palm down. When a halligan doesn't have a pronounced bevel the hook should usually point in which direction?



When forcing an inward opening door the fork end of the halligan is used and the bevel side is placed next to the door. At what angle should this process be started?

20 degrees

See figure 1 b pg 3


Normally the axe firefighter is on the opposite side of the firefighter holding the halligan. This is to reduce the chance of striking the other firefighter. If you encounter a police lock it is readily determined by observation. How?

The ring holding the tumbler in place will be almost flush with the door