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General procedures are in effect at all times. Phase I and Phase II procedures are implemented when?

Upon transmission of a 65-2


The first full week of May each year, DC's shall cause all Engine and Squad companies to obtain pressure readings (every 3 hrs 10-2200) on the hydrants nearest quarters. Readings shall be taken for each calendar day inclusive of Saturday and Sunday. When complete where shall it be posted and for how long?

The house watch for the summer season


All units shall at ALL times shut down illegally opened hydrants unless?

It will precipitate an incident


Anyone found illegally using a hydrant may be issued a?

Summons under Admid Code 24-308


Phase I ALERT shall cause the pressure in the hydrant in front of quarters to be checked how often?

Every hour
Units may be ordered by BC to survey their districts for open hydrants


Phase II... units shall record readings every hour from 1000-2200 as in phase I.They shall also Patrol their districts as per DC schedules. Whenever a hydrant is shut down it shall be recorded on a CD-64 and faxed to NYCDEP upon return to quarters. If a hydrant is found defective you should?

Update hydrant cards ONLY...CD-63 is not required


Upon return from patrol the OOD shall fax the following to the Battalion?

Number of illegally opened hydrants
Number Shut down
Number of spray caps placed
Any areas with dangerously low pressures that could adversely effect firefighting operations


As a general rule the booster tank shall only be filled with a low pressure source. If absolutely necessary, the booster tank may be filled with high or low pressures...

While the apparatus is in pumps!


Hydrant inspection forms

Cd-63 is defective hydrant report
CD-64 is water pressure emergency shut off report
Cd-65 Frozen hydrants
Water pressure chart (says CD-65 in AUC 225 2.1 but is incorrect)
CD-47A hydrant card