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A class "A" multiple dwelling is a building housing 3 or more families in which residency is permanent in nature. Whats a class "B" MD?

Its occupied transiently


During roll call, what is the company officer supposed to inform members of?

Hazardous conditions
safety issues
street closings
dept orders
other pertinent info


The 1st due LCC shall position the apparatus for complete coverage and immediate use. If unable to attain this position the LCC shall notify the IC and the Ladder Officer. The LCC should remain on the turntable when members have entered the building by aerial ladder and are in precarious positions such as the floor over HEAVY fire or the roof of a building with HEAVY fire conditions. A situation can arise when the aerial is needed both for roof access and rescue what factors should be considered in reaching the decision of its initial use?

Emotional state of the occupant
(agitated,frightened or threatening to jump should be removed 1st)
Fire/Smoke in the immediate vicinity of the occupant (The occupant must receive instant attention if he/she would be ENDANGERED or SERIOUSLY DISTURBED by any delay in his or her removal
Location and severity of the fire
Time element if any doubt exists remove the occupant 1st


The 1st due OVM is going to vent for search, he must get permission from the ladder officer within the fire area, except for a known life hazard. Entry and search will be completed if he teams up with the _____ FF if the fire is in the rear OR the building has rear fire escapes?

Roof Firefighter (OR= OV and Roof)


If there is a front fire escape AND the fire is in the front the 1st due OVM will team up and search the fire apartment with whom?

(they could flip this and put the fire in the rear!!!!!)


Access to the roof for the 1st due roof firefighter is?

Ladder (aerial) isolated buildings
Fire escape- least desirable


Interior stairs are NEVER taken to the roof. What are the 3 reasons?

Danger of being trapped above the fire
Banked heat and smoke may prevent you from reaching the roof
Will lead to a delay in roof vent when it proves dangerous or impractical


Nothing shall deter the roof firefighter from completing his assigned duties. He shall ALWAYS confirm his way off of the roof. However, the roof firefighter may perform vertical vent WITHOUT direct communication upon hearing radio transmissions that the interior team has door control on the fire floor, or a charged line is advancing into the fire apartment. TRUE or FALSE



Forcing open the bulkhead and probing the immediate area for potential victims and then immediately closing and controlling the bulkhead door is NOT considered vertical ventilation. TRUE or FALSE?



The roof man shall remove skylights or coverings over ALL shafts if indicated by heavy heat and smoke conditions. To ensure an unobstructed outlet for shafts, probe with a hook to detect possible presence of a glazed sash or other covering and remove it. What type of shaft is excluded from this process?

Dumbwaiter shafts 3.2.6 8 pg 19


The 1st truck is a TL, the 1st OVM at a fire in an OLT with no front fire escape operates as the basket firefighter. He ventilates the fire apartment when ordered to do so by the ladder officer within the apartment. He does NOT enter and search from this position. TRUE or FALSE?



If the 1st due OVM is operating as the basket FF in front of the fire building, the roof man may be requested to perform outside ventilation by the ladder officer. This action will take place from the fire escape. What must proceed this action?

Completion of preliminary roof duties.
(Bulkhead scuttle,skylight)

If VEIS is to be performed they will team up with 2nd roof man.


Before the 2nd truck inside team proceeds above the fire, the officer must size up conditions and consider what 4 things?

Severity and location of the fire
Line placement and availability of water
Area of refuge
Control of the apt door


The 2nd ladder officer directs and controls horizontal ventilation on ALL floors above the fire. For top floor fires you would expect the Extinguisher FF to carry what tools?

2- 6' hooks in lieu of the extinguisher

initial vertical vent was authorized by the 1st due ladder officer. No mention of vertical vent authorized or ordered by 2nd ladder officer.


The second to arrive OVM will VEIS above the fire unless needed for laddering or rescue. Access above the fire is achieved how?

Fire Escape
Ladder or
Adjoining building


The 2nd to arrive ladder company at a top floor fire or fire in the cock loft will report to what location?

Top floor to assist the 1st ladder inside team.
This permits the deployment of 6 firefighters in a critical top floor area (2 officers and 4 ff's)


At top floor fires,The 2nd OVM will ventilate the FIRE APT because the 1st OVM brought the saw to the roof for the roof man. Who shall the OVM request permission from prior to venting?

The 1st ladder officer inside the apt. His officer will be above the fire


When encountering membrane roofs the IC MUST be notified because of the volatility of the roof material may require what?

A line to protect the members operating on the roof


Depending on the severity of the fire, if difficulty is experienced when venting the windows from roof level, it may be necessary to cut a vent hole in the roof BEFORE completion of horizontal ventilation. Is this an acceptable tactic?



The 2nd to arrive LCC should place his apparatus to cover the fire building. However, if the 1st truck was blocked out and this position is not covered who should the 2nd LCC notify?

The IC

No company officers get notified