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All engine companies besides squads and HMTU's are staffed at what level?

C, All engine companies ride with 4... Squads and HMTU's ride with 5 they are in Gr 1 with Ladders and Rescues


Company commanders shall maintain records in order to provide to the greatest extent practicable the following controls?

Equitable distribution of Details and Awaiting Reliefs


When a unit is in excess of their required staffing because of a RSOT that member shall be detailed to another unit except?

If a FF has special training and is required to maintain an effective unit.


To expedite the departure for training BC's are to provide details from WITHIN the battalion. They are to ensure the detail arrives to the receiving unit by?

0915 and 1815. Units scheduled for training MUST leave from their quarters with the day tour by 0915 or night tour members no later than 1815. (no long a/r!) Details from outside the Battalion shall be reassigned and the detail shall come from WITHIN the battalion.


A rescue or squad must have at least four rescue trained FF's (RTF) at the start of the tour. If a detail is required to provide the 5th FF the order of preference is?

A rescue or squad with greater than 5 FF's (6)
A FF with >5 years from a SOC ladder
A FF with >5 years from any unit with surplus staffing.
A rescue or Squad below 3 RTF's is OOS for the remainder of the tour


When a member is detailed to other quarters, they are expected to arrive at the detailed quarters, When?

Within a reasonable time frame, walking is considered an acceptable method of traveling to the detailed quarters. >1mile or approx 20 blocks YOU CANT WALK! You can ALWAYS use your car.


Details within the Battalion AFTER THE START OF THE TOUR... the receiving company proceeds to quarters and picks up the member if the receiving company can't... then the providing company shall drop him off. if all else fails what will happen?

BC will call the DC to activate the messenger van and will provide the transportation.


If down one FF, Ladder, Rescues or Squad (Group 1 Company's) shall notify the dispatcher via radio that they are responding?

" We are responding with 4 firefighters "


Transmit and URGENT if necessary to ensure the message is heard


Any company responding with less than 4 FF's (3 or less) shall notify the dispatcher via radio that they are?

"UNDER STAFFED" state the # you are responding with...

Transmit and URGENT if necessary to ensure the message is heard

The dispatcher will assign and engine for engine ladder for ladder to the max of 4 and 4


Upon receiving notification of an outgoing detail after the start of the tour, the officer shall order the member to report forthwith and?

Take a mark in the company journal. A mark shall be taken by the officer on the receiving end upon arrival


Units staffed with an officerand a minimum of 2 FF's shall remain in service while awaiting arrival of the detail. TRUE OR FALSE?



An officer and chauffeur shall be placed OOS however this unit shall respond to ANY alarm received while in quarters? TRUE OR FALSE?

FALSE, only VERBAL alarms


When a understaffed (less than 4 FF's) engine or ladder is the only unit on scene they shall take a defensive position. Some examples are?

Stretching a line to outside the IDLH
Conducting a size up
Positioning and raising ladders
Checking and hooking up to a hydrant


An additional ladder company above the fast truck shall be assigned to a 10-75 when BOTH of the two initially assigned ladder companies report responding with 4 FF's. The additional ladder shall be assigned as?

3rd truck and the 4th truck shall be the FAST


The division can evaluate and change a engine companies group designation. They send a report to operations with all pertinent facts when?



Battalions shall make every effort to ensure that a unit placed OOS the previous tour is returned to service at the start of the tour and staffed as required. If the unit has less than 4 or 5 members (depending on the unit) the unit shall get the additional Firefighter from where? until the arrival of the detail or FF on MSOT/RSOT

In a double house, get a member going off duty to await relief. If no members can wait the unit can start the tour short 1 member.

Officer shall notify the dispatcher whether the unit is in service or OOS


If a unit is scheduled for training and the unit is in a double house and is awaiting the arrival of a detail, and the detail is unable to arrive prior to 0915 or 1815 what shall the officer do to ensure compliance and depart for training on time?

Adjoining unit supplies detail and the unit departs on time for training. The adjoining unit awaits the detail.


Staff chiefs have the right to detail the 5th FF from ladder companies at any time based on staffing levels. The 5th man from the HMTU goes 1st then the 5th man from ladder companies. In what order of preference are they detailed (chosen)?`

Ladders with understaffed engines are given priority (no detail)

Rear mounts shall send their 5th ff prior to tower ladders and tillers


If an understaffed engine (3 or less) is awaiting a detail from outside the house the ladder company in quarters with the understaffed engine shall temporarily detail their 5th ff to the engine until the arrival of the ordered detail. TRUE or FALSE