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The priority upon entering the area via a window is?

To close the door to that room or area in order to isolate that area being searched from the fire area.


Ventilation for extinguishment and vent for search are both controlled and coordinated tactics. The strategies of search NEVER change in that FDNY ALWAYS strives to conduct an immediate primary search, followed by a painstakingly complete secondary search. The fire area must be considered an IDLH when?

The fire progresses past the incipient stage.


What are the most important tasks a firefighter can perform during a fire?

Search and Rescue


In a ventilation limited fire, if the occupancy is ventilated allowing air to the fire, these opening will provide enough air to expand fire conditions causing conditions to become untenable in what time frame?

In as little as 1 1/2 minutes after entry is made into the fire apartment or area.


For safety reasons, members need to be constantly aware of the search environment including?

Status, Location, Operation of ALL hoselines



As part of their size up, members of the outside team MUST report wind conditions and its affect on the fire and smoke conditions to?

Their officer and the IC


An Engine company can become involved in search and rescue without simultaneously stretching and positioning a hoseline when?

Only in extreme cases


The 1st arriving ladder companies priorities are"


Locate the fire
Control the door
Communicate the fire location to the Engine officer and IC
Search if conditions are tenable to support life


The search for life in all areas adjacent to and above the fire area should start immediately upon entering the fire area followed by?

Searching for extension of fire. Any extension should be reported to the IC.


A secondary search is conducted in all areas that required a primary search. In addition, what areas MUST be included in this secondary search?

Entire perimeter
All shafts


When structural stability or other safety factors prevent primary or secondary searches from being conducted. The IC shall notify whom?

Borough commander, FDOC, BFI, DOB, OEM, HPD, DOT, Utilities, PD


The exterior team is supervised through functional supervision by tracking the member's progress via handie-talkie reports. The interior teams search is controlled by immediate supervision via?

Verbal communication and the use of the TIC


The search rope method should be used in commercial occupancies or when deemed necessary by the unit officer since it will improve?

Safety and
provide for a more coordinated search


Prior to forcing the door to a fire occupancy, the ladder officer shall determine?


Report of life hazard
Interior conditions
Proper PPE
Status and location of hoselines
Area of refuge
Door control


The area in the vicinity of and behind, the entrance door must be checked as soon as entry is made for search. All searches in an IDLH area shall be conducted with the members where?

At floor level


If the engine company does not have a charged hoseline at the door to the fire area, the door should be closed after the search team enters. Before entering the ladder officer shall communicate the identity of the fire apartment to?

The IC and Engine Officer


A firefighter of the inside team MUST be positioned at the door INSIDE the fire area to maintain door control until a charged hoseline is ready to advance through that door. The ladder member at the door will?


Control the door
Door doesn't lock
Conditions in the immediate entrance area (monitor them)
Maintain situational awareness (water problems)
Beacon (act as a beacon)
Account for interior team


The ladder company officer MUST notify the Engine company officer and the IC of the decision to close the apartment door after entry into the fire area/apartment. In what 2 ways will the engine officer know which apartment the ladder company is operating in/

Hydra ram is outside door and sure search marker.


The engine officer must notify the ladder officer of their readiness to enter the apartment and that the apartment door will be opened. The door should not be opened until?

The ladder officer acknowledges and approves


VEIS is an approved tactic whenever a member enters a window (vent opening). What are the 8 steps?

Notify THEIR officer
Permission from the officer inside the fire area
Probe for victims prior to entry
Check for stability
Trim window
(above are prior to entry)
Check hall
Close door
(3 above are after entry)


Prior to proceed above the fire who must be notified?

Officers on the fire floor

means of access to above are: interior stairs, fire escapes, ladders


The progress of the hoselines on the fire floor must ALWAYS be monitored and used as an indicator of?

Governing how far the searching member will continue to advance on the floor above the fire


If there is any indication of a delay in putting water on and uncontrolled fire all members above should seek refuge where?

Returning to the fire floor or floor below


TIC's MUST be used at ALL structural responses. TRUE or FALSE?



ALWAYS remove a victim via the safest route. The preferential order of removal is?

I Help firemen live longer or SHELL
Interior stairs
Horizontal exits
Fire escapes