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What is a bit pattern?

A bit pattern is a sequence of binary digits, which can be used to represent text, images, video or sound


What is a pixel?

The smallest element in a digital image


What are the two types of images and how are they different?

A bitmap image/ a vector image
Bitmap images are made of pixels whereas vector images are made of a series of objects and their coordinates.


What is colour depth?

The number of bits per pixel. The higher the colour depth the more colours that can be represented


What is image resolution?

height x width = resolution


What is display resolution?

The number of dots per inch. The more dots the better the image resolution


What is metadata?

Is data about data. Provides details about the data such as the resolution, file size, colour depth.


How many colours do __ represent?
- 1 bit
- 2 bits
- 4 bits
- 6 bits

- 1 bit = 2 colours
- 2 bits = 4 colours
- 4 bits = 16 colours
- 6 bits = 64 colours


What is metadata used for?

Used to help it interpret the data because it's stored in binary format


Formula for image file size

= resolution x colour depth
= width x height x colour depth


What edits can be made to objects in vector graphics?

The shape of the object
Colour of lines or fill in an object
Size of object and thickness of lines
Reference position


When are Bitmap and vector images used?

Bitmap images are used in digital photography as they produce realistic images

Vector images are used in engineering to create accurate and precise technical drawings. Can be used for clip art and logos also.


Do Bitmap or Vector images take up more storage, explain why.

Bitmap images use pixels so take up more storage whereas vector images use objects and coordinates so take up less space


Do Bitmap and Vector images retain their quality when resized?

Bitmap images lose quality when resized and can appear fuzzy whereas vector images retain their quality when rescaled.


Do Bitmap or Vector images use the most processing power?

Bitmap images use less processing power whereas Vector images use more processing power.


What is a drawing list?

It specifies how to redraw a vector image (by storing the images properties


What's an advantage of using vector graphics?

They have much smaller file sizes, transmit faster and often load faster


When might a vector image be used?

For a company's logo
- can be easily resized and will always appear crisply


When might a bitmap image be used?

For retouching/editing photos