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What is wifi?

Wifi is a common standard to allow for wireless networking


What are the benefits of wireless networks?

- Users can move around freely
- It's easier to setup and usually less expensive due to not having to pay for cables
- It can handle a large number of users


What are the disadvantages of wireless networks?

- Transmission speed is slower on wireless than on wired networks
- Wifi relies heavily on the strength of the signal coming from the closest Wireless Access Point (WAP)
- Wireless networks are less secure than wired networks


What must every device have if it wants to connect to the wifi?

A (wireless) network interface cards (NIC)
-They contain the devices MAC address


What does a devices NIC communicate with?

A devices Network interface card communicates with a wireless access point by broadcasting it's MAC address


What must the Wireless access point be connected to ?

The wireless access point must be connected to a router which connects to the internet


What do we have typically nowadays that connects us to the internet/networks

Nowadays, we will have a home router which acts as a wireless access point and a modem all in one


What are SSIDs used for?

- SSIDs (Service set identifiers) are used for securing wireless networks
- It can be set to broadcast to any wireless device within range of the WAP


How do SSIDs secure wireless networks?

- The SSID of a network has to be known by the user if they want to connect to it.
- The SSID can be hidden so it's harder to detect
- The SSID can be changed, it's usually a scramble of letters/numbers to make it difficult to join as you have to type them all in
- The SSID can also be password protected, so even if the network is found, devices won't be able to gain access without the password


What is a MAC address?

A Media Access Control address is a unique address used to identify devices as they are hardcoded into the NIC


What are MAC addresses used for?

They can be used to track devices as every MAC address is unique.


What is mac address whitelisting and blacklisting?

-White listing is where the mac addresses that can access the network are specified
-Black listing is where the mac addresses that are not allowed to access the network are specified so cannot do so