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How does a client-server network operate?

-One or more computers (clients) are connected to a powerful central computer (the server).
- The clients are able to request access to files and resources from the server.
- In large networks several servers may be used to perform different tasks


What do each of the servers do?
File server
Print server
Web server
Mail server
Database server

File server holds and manages data for clients
Print server manages print requests
Web server manages requests to access the web
Mail server manages the email system
Database server manages database applications


Advantages of Client-server networks

- Security is better as all files are stored in a central location and access rights are manages by the server
- Data and resources can be shared
- Backups are done centrally, so users don't need to backup data themselves
- If there is a breakdown, recovery procedures enable data to be restored.


Disadvantages of Client-server networks

- Expensive to install and maintain
- Professional IT staff are required to maintain the servers and run the network


Security on a client-server network?

- Servers can grant different levels of access a client.
- The server can check the request for data is from a legitimate source.


How does a Peer-to-peer network operate?

- There is no central server
- All the computers in the network have equal capabilities and access rights.
- Every peer shares a portion of their resources with the others


Advantages of Peer-to-peer networks?

- They are cheap to set up
- It enables users to share resources such as a printer/router
- Isn't difficult to maintain


Disadvantages of Peer-to-peer networks?

-Hard to keep secure as no device has overall control
- Backups need to occur locally for each computer.
- Other peers can access and delete data from other computers in the network.


How are Peer-to-peer networks used for piracy?

- Used for online piracy as it's impossible to trace the files which are being illegally downloaded.