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What is a backing store?

Normally a hard disk, which retains the data written on to it after the computer system has been switched off.
- could also be flash memory or removable disks


What are input devices?

A form of inputting data into a computer. Typically a mouse, keyboard and microphone


What are output devices?

System output can be printed out by the user or displayed on a computer system


What is a power supply?

Used to convert alternating current into low-voltage direct current to supply power to the internal components of the computer system


What are some typical activities of the processor?

- Sorting and searching data
- Logical decision making
- Performing Calculations
- Control of input, output and storage devices.


What is main memory?

Stores program instructions and data that are processed by the processor


What is the system bus?

The system bus is composed of the address, control and data bus


What is the address bus?

A wire in the cpu that specifies a memory address in main memory


Define control bus?

- Bidirectional bus that transmits command, timing and specific status information between system components


What does addressable memory mean ?

Each memory location in main memory has a unique numeric code.


What are the steps to select a memory location?

- The processor writes the address into the address bus
- The processor sends a request to the control bus with instruction to read/write to the memory location
- The data that is being read from/written to will be transferred via the data bus


What does the data bus do?

A bidirectional bus that moves data/instructions between components


what is the maximum number of addressables cells for n address lines

for examples 3 address lines gives a maximum of 8 addressable cells