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What were the two dimensions of the catholic response?

1) aimed at reforming the Catholic Church
2) aimed at exterminating the Protestant movement


When did the Catholic Church start responding to the Protestant movement?

By middle of the 16th century (1550s)


What was the Society of Jesus?

Founded (1534) by Ignatius Loyola
Jesuits -as they were called- focused on education, building schools and universities
Served as missionaries


What was the council of Trent? (1545-63) Why was it put in place?

-Catholic Church abolishes 4/5 abuses (simony, pluralism, absenteeism, nepotism)
-also changed indulgences back to the original form (only pays penance for sins)
-put in place to reform Catholic Church


What were certain doctrines reemphasized with the Council of Trent?

-clerical celibacy (strictly enforced)
-7 sacraments
-doctrine of good works
-veneration of saints


What contributions did capuchin monks bring?

They were very active in charity
They were supposed to be good examples & help others
This helped people like the Catholic Church more


Who were Ursulines?

Nuns focused on educating women


What did the Catholic Church do in order to exterminate the protest reformation?

They sent the Inquisition


What was the Inquisition?

old institution within the catholic church
-investigated charges of heresy
-expected to combat all perceived threats to orthodoxy & catholic church's authority


What was another aggressive measure to the Protestant reformation from the Catholic Church?

Censorship; they censored books considered as unorthodox


What was the Index of Banned (Prohibited) Books?

List of books that were considered unorthodox or at odds with the church's teachings