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In 1933 why did Germany withdraw from the League of Nations?

They will withdraw basically to prove that Germany will NOT be limited by anyone.


What was Hitler's first big step in starting WW2?

He repudiated the treaty of Versailles and moved his armed forces into the Rhineland


In March 1939 when hitler invaded Czechoslovakia, what promise did he break?

The Munich Agreement: (basically hitler was given authority to take the Sudetenland so long as he didn't expand any further)


What was the Munich Agreement?

A policy of appeasement by Britain;
(basically hitler was given authority to take the Sudetenland so long as he didn't expand any further)


What was the Tehran Conference?

Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin; Stalin insisted on Soviet control of eastern Europe and the caving up of Germany amongst the Allies


What was the Yalta Conference?

Stalin agreed to a "Declaration of Liberated Europe"; called for United Nations to meet


What was the Postdam Conference?

Stalin reversed his position on eastern Europe stating there would be no free elections; de-Nazification


What is the blitzkrieg?

It's the "Lightning war"
(Basically where germany attacks Poland with bombs and Poland fails)


What happened when Hitler attempted to overthrow the Austrian govt but it was thwarted?

1934 hitler attempted to overthrow the Austrian govt but was thwarted by the help of Mussolini bc mussolini feared Germany annexing with Austria


What was Hitler's ultimate goal?

1937 hitler will outline his plans to absorbs Czechoslovakia, Austria and Poland (basically they disappear from the map essentially making Germany even bigger)


What was the Little Entente?

An alliance between Czechoslovakia and France giving some aid from France if they get invaded


Describe the event often referred to as the Anschluss.

Plebiscite held in Austria where hitler gets Austria as part of German territory.


What was the Vichy government?

Collaborationist govt that worked with Germany


Why is the Spanish civil war so significant?

Because it's known as the "dress rehearsal"


Who was the Falange lead by?

Franco Francisco


What was the Rome Berlin Axis?

The idea that everyone should revolve around Rome and Berlin


What was the The Atlantic Charter (August of 41)?

Agreement between Winston Churchill and Franklin D Roosevelt sets up a political framework for how they hoped the post war would be