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What is the Renaissance? ( and when did it take place?)

1330-1550 euro experienced a rebirth of commerce, interest in classical cultures in Greek and Rome and confidence in human potential


The father of humanism is



The differences betw. Renaissance and Middle Ages in society?

-Renaissance = individualism & secularism
-mid ages = chivalry & feudal class structure


What was the philosophy of the Renaissance?

Humanism (combined an admiration for Classical Greek and roman literature with a new-found confidence in what modern men could achieve)


What are 2 kinds of humanism in Renaissance?

-Civic humanism: use of humanism in the poli. life of Italian city states
-Christian humanism: focused on early church writings instead of secular authors


What were the studia humanitas?

An educational program founded on knowledge of the Classical Latin and Greek languages
-it characterized Renaissance humanism


What book is the best articulation of the belief in the dignity and potential of man that characterized Renaissance humanism?

Oration on the Dignity of Man (written by Pico della Mirandola)


Who is Galileo?

An astronomer (scientist)


Who is Botticelli?

An artist


Who is Machiavelli?

Political writer (wrote the prince)


Who is Castiglione?

A social writer, often wrote about manners and etiquette
("The Book of the Courtier")


Difference between medieval and Renaissance art?

Medieval was religious
Renaissance more realistic and focus on details


Two works of art that are helpful in demonstrating the Renaissance artist's concern for the human form in all is complexity

David by Donatello
David by Michelangelo


Who is the father of anatomy?

Andreas Vesalius
("On the Fabric of the Human Body")


What was the treaty of Lodi?

Brought Milan, Naples, and Florence into an alliance against Venice and the Papal States


What happened in 1494 that caused the treaty of Lodi to end?

Naples Florence and the pope prepared to attack Milan. Milan invited France to come in with troops and help them. Then, FRENCH invaded and forced Naples, Florence and the Papal States to make major concessions. Then, the pope and Venetians got King Ferdinand of Aragon to help fight FRENCH aggression


How did Renaissance ideas spread out of Italy?

-Teachers migrating out of Italy
-students came to Italy to study and then returned home
-merchants whose interests penetrated the peninsula
-various lay groups seeking to spread their message of piety


What was the MAJOR cause of the spread of Renaissance ideas & values?

The printing press


Who created the printing press?

Johann Gutenberg


The most important & influential of the Northern humanists was...

Erasmus aka "the prince of the humanists"


What was the Colloquies?

Written by Erasmus
Displayed the humanist's faith in both the power of learning & the ability of man by satirizing the old scholastic notions that the truth about God & nature could be discerned only by priests.


In France, England and Spain where was the Renaissance centered?

The royal courts


In the smaller independent German provinces where was the Renaissance centered?

the characteristics of the Renaissance was absorbed into the tradition of lay piety where organized groups promoted pious behavior & learning outside of the church


What was the Brethren of Common Life?

was a Roman Catholic pietist religious community founded in the Netherlands in the 14th century, they were self-supporting and lived a simple Christian life in common, with an absence of ritual.


What is virtù?

The essence of being a man by the display of courage and cleverness


"Erasmus laid the egg that Luther hatched" is in reference to what?

The Renaissance