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What is the order of the Stuart Kings?

James I
Charles I
Charles II
James II


During this time period there was a constant struggle between __________ & _________?

The Stuart dynasty and the English parliament


What was the English Parliament?

An assembly of the elite who advised the king


What view of themselves did the English parliament have?

That they were the voice of the "English people"


Describe what England was like under James I

-wanted to rule England through absolutism (Divine Right of Kings)
-anti-catholic but not so much bc mom was catholic
-wrote the Book of Sports


What was the Divine Right of Kings and what did it apply to?

The idea that the king was chosen by God to rule
-under this they were entitled to rule with absolute authority over their subjects (absolutism)


What was the Trew Lawe of Free Monarchyes? By who

Pamphlet created by James I
Tells parliament that he is the absolute ruler


What was the book of sports?

Written by James I
Said that if people wanted to participate in recreational activities they have to attend high church services (Anglican church) on Sunday


Why was there conflict between Charles I and Parliament?

1) married a catholic
2) favored a war with Spain and France (which was hella expensive)


What happened as a result of Charles I not being given the proper funding for a war with Spain and France?

He ended up putting more taxes into place
-ship money: tax on ppl living in port towns
-taxes on royal domain
-court of the star chamber: one could be arrested, tried & imprisoned & never know why


The rise of sovereignty took place during what time?



What were 3 factions of the church?

Independents- extreme puritans (h888 Catholicism) want decentralization of church; want to get rid of book of common prayer
Presbyterians- moderate puritans same thoughts as ^ except don't want decentralization
Conservatives- want to keep church the same


What were the 2 sides of the English civil war?

Cavaliers vs. Roundheads


Describe the cavaliers?

supported the king, clergy and supporters of anglican church,
They fought to defend the pwr of the monarchy, the Anglican Church & privileges of the nobility


Describe the Roundheads?

Supported the parliament
Leader = Oliver Cromwell
Fought to support rights of parliament, end of official state church & for notions of individual liberty and the rule of law


Who won the English civil war? What happened as a result?

The Roundheads; Charles was executed for treason
ESTABLISHMENT of the Commonwealth (Puritan republic) by Oliver Cromwell


What happened after Cromwell's death in 1658?

The restoration began in which England tried to bring back the monarchy


Describe the restoration? What period was it?

England invited the son of Charles I (previous King who was executed) to take the throne as Charles II


When did the restoration period break down in England?

When James II came to the throne


What did James II want to do?

Wanted religious toleration (freedom)
Wanted to restore the absolute monarchy


What was the treaty of Dover?

formal alliance between England and France against the Dutch
King of France is like ey I'll give you money if you convert to Catholicism


What was the test act?

If you wanted a govt position you needed to take an oath saying that you DONT believe in transubstantiation
Trying to exclude Catholics


What was the Declaration of Indulgence?



Describe what the bill of rights said?

-guarantee civil liberties of English ppl
-monarchy rules by consent of parliament
-parliament must meet once every 3 years


What was the act of succession of 1689?

NO CATHOLIC may occupy the throne of England


What was the glorious revolution?

Parliament wanted to get rid of James II (bc he's catholic) so parliament invite William of Orange and Mary to invade England
James II freaks and decided to flee to France w/ wife & baby
Parliament says throne is now empty who will take it
And William and Mary take it


What marks the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in England?

The reign of William and Mary


What is a constitutional monarchy?

A system in which the monarch in Britain rules within the limits of the laws passed by a legislative body.


What was the second treatise of civil government?

Written by John Locke