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Who were in charge of Russia before the October revolution?

The Provisional Government and the Petrograd Soviet.


What was Soviet Order No.1?

It said that soldiers and workers should only obey the PG when the Soviets agreed with them.
The Soviets also encouraged peasants and workers to defy authority and pursue their rights.


Did Soviet order No.1 cause problems for the PG?

It meant that the Soviets practically controlled the country as they had control of the army.


Which Bolshevik leaders were first to reach Petrograd after Nicholas' abdication and what did they do?

Stalin and Kamenev and they accepted the idea of cooperating with the PG.


What happened when Lenin arrived in Petrograd on the 3rd April?

The Bolsheviks began to forge their own path away from the PG.


What did Lenin think the PG were?

He said they were "parliamentary-bourgeoise republic".


What was released on the 4th April 1917 that insisted that the Bolsheviks were the only true revolutionary proletarian party?

April Theses.


What did Lenin promise in the April Theses?

End of the war.
Power transferred to the Soviets.
All land taken over by the state and given to the peasants.


When did Lenin return to Russia?

10th October.


What did the PG do that led to a revolution?

Failed to end the war.


What did the July days show?

It failed badly and it showed that the PG still had enough power to stop a revolution. This also nearly crushed the Bolsheviks.


What happened in the Kornilov affair?

Kornilov said he was bringing his soldiers to Petrograd to stop a German overthrow. Kerensky didn't believe him and released all imprisoned Bolsheviks to defend Petrograd.


What did the Kornilov affair do for the Bolsheviks?

It showed them as defenders of Petrograd and this got more people on their side.


Why did the PG stay in WW1?

Because they wouldn't receive war credits and supplies from their allies and they needed these as they were virtually bankrupt.


Who mostly organised the October Revolution?



What did Trotsky do to organise the revolution?

Sent Bolshevik speakers around factories to get more support.
Created Military Revolutionary Committee.
The committee had 200,000 Red Guards, 60,000 Baltic sailors and 150,000 sailors.


When did the attack on the PG happen?

The evening of 24th October.


How much resistance did the the revolutionists face when taking over.

Very little and Trotsky and the Red Guards successfully arrested most of the PG.


What happened on the 25th October 1917?

The Military Revolutionary Committee announced the PG had been deposed.