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What date did Rodzianko, the Duma president, warn the Tsar something serious was about to happen?

14th February 1917.


What happened when the Tsar ordered the army to shut down the protests?

The army disobeyed and by the 26th February over 150,000 soldiers had deserted.


What happened on the 23rd February 1917?

Female workers joined other strikers because bread started to be rationed.


Why did the Tsar dissolve the Duma?

He did this because Rodzianko said only major concessions would stop the revolution.


What happened when the Tsar dissolved the Duma?

12 members of the Duma formed a provisional committee.


What happened on the 27th February 1917?

The first meeting of the Petrograd Soviet and they became the start of the dual authority.


What happened on the 28th February 1917?

The Tsar tried to return to return to Petrograd but never got there as his train was stopped.


When did the Tsar abdicate?

On the 2nd March the Tsar signed the decree of abdication was signed and on the 4th March the abdication was publicly announced.


Why did the Romanov dynasty end?

The Tsar's brother did want to take control and his son was too young and sick.