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Which areas did the Bolsheviks control?

They controlled Petrograd and Moscow and these were the main areas of Russia and this is one of the reasons.


Where were the Whites?

Siberia, south of Russia and Estonia this meant the Whites could attack the Reds from every direction.


Were the Whites organised?

No, they had no main leader and their attacks were uncoordinated.


What happened in 1918 when Denikin attacked the Don region?

The Reds were successful in preventing him from linking up with White armies in the east.


What happened when Kolcak's army captured the cities of Kazan and Samara?

They were halted by Red counter-attacks.


What happened in the summer of 1919?

Denikin got dangerously close to Moscow but Trotsky forced his army south.


What was happening by 1919?

Kolchak was in retreat and in 1920 he was captured and shot.


Why was most of Russia in Communist hands by the end of 1920?

Because of the communists had geographical advantages and a well-organised army.


Which countries were granted independence in 1921 because of the Treaty of Riga?

Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.