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What were the Reds strengths?

Had a skilful leader in Trotsky.
Had geographical advantages.
Used propaganda against foreign intervention.
The Cheka.


What were the Whites weaknesses?

The White armies didn't have a united aim.
The armies were scattered across Russia so they couldn't link up.
Too reliant on foreign supplies.


What was created in 1919 that became the centre for party policy?

The Politburo and this was a sub-committee of the Central Committee, its members included Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky.


What happened when the Politburo assumed more control of state affairs?

Sovarkom met less frequently.


What did the Cheka do?

They eliminated political opposition in Communist controlled areas.


How many people were killed by the Cheka?

It is estimated that over 500,000 people were killed at the hands of the Cheka.


How did War Communism help the Reds win the civil war?

The economy was reorganised and this kept the Red army supplied?