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What were the Russian army's weaknesses?

Many generals had their positions due family connections rather than by merit.
Industry was still underdeveloped.
Didn't have supplies (ammunition,etc.)


What caused inflation?



Was food rationed well?

No, the army got too much compared to ordinary Russians.


Did Russia's transport system cope the the demands of the war?

No and less than two years into the war it had virtually collapsed.


Did the transport system failing affect food shortages?

Yes, the failed transport system meant food wasn't being moved and this exacerbated food shortages in cities.


When did the Tsar take control of the army?

August 1915.


What did taking over the army mean for the Tsar?

It meant that he was directly blamed for the military's failings and this lead to his downfall.


Who was left in charge of Russia when the Tsar was controlling the army?

The Tsar's wife but she was being heavily influenced by Rasputin.


Did Rasputin having power have any affects on the Tsar?

Yes it turned people against the the Tsar as Rasputin was ruining Russia.


What did the president of the Duma, Rodzianko, urge the Tsar to do?

He urged him to deal with the increasing discontent in Petrograd but the Tsar ignored him and this also lead to his downfall.


Why was the Progressive Bloc formed?

To help assist the Tsar run the country.


Did the Tsar collaborate with the Progressive Bloc?

No he didn't believe they had any right to help run the government.


Who formed the Progressive Bloc?

236 out of the 422 Duma members.


Why didn't the Tsar do anything about the unrest in Russia?

He believed the government would survive like it did in 1905.