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Which river flows past or through wine country in Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania?

The Danube River


Austria lies at the same latitude as what anbaugiete in Germany? what is the climate like in both these regions?

Austria lies at the same latitude as Baden in southern Germany. Both climates are cool continental. Summers are mild and winters are very cold.


What is Austria's signature grape variety?

Gruner Veltliner; a spicy white grape that accounts for more than a third of Austria's total acreage under vine.


Is Welschriesling a true Riesling?

It is not, but it does make fragrant perfumed and high acid wines.


What is Muller-Thurgau a cross of?

Riesling and Madeleine Royal


What is Pinot Blanc called in Germany and in Austria?

In Germany it is called Weissburgunder and in Austria it is called Weisser Burgunder.


What style is Riesling most often produced as in Austria?

Most commonly produced in a dry style, but also in the full range of sweetness levels to Trockenbeerenauslese.


What is the most widely planted red grape in Austria? What is it a cross of?

Zweigelt which is a cross of Blaufrankisch and St. Laurent.


What is Blaufrankisch also known as?

Lemberger or Kekfrankos


St. Laurent is a member of the __________ family.



What is considered the highest level of quality in Austria?

The DAC (Districtus Austraie Controllatus)


When can the DAC designation be used?

Can only be used for the one or two grape varieties considered the most outstanding and most typical for the delineated region.


What are the 6 DACs in Austria and what grape varieties are associated with each?

Weinviertel (Gruner Veltliner), Mittelburgenland (Blaufrankisch), Traisental, Kremstal, and Kampstal (all three for either Gruner Veltliner or Riesling), Leithaberg (Blaufrankisch and four white varieties)


What two pradikat levels does Austria have the Germany does not?

Strohwein (a dried grape wine that uses grapes of at least BA ripeness that have been air dried on straw mats or hung up on strings for at least three monts, like the recioto wines of the Veneto in Italy) and Ausbruch (made by adding the must of late-harvest, nonbotrytized grapes to must from the same vineyard that has been affected by botrytis)


Which classification level do Kabinett wines fall under in Germany and in Austria?

In Germany they fall under the pradikatswein but in Austria they are simply a qualitatswein.


What is the Austrian measure for must weight and how does it compare to US Brix and German Oechsle?

1 KMW = about 1.2 Brix
1 KMW = about 5 Oechsle


Define bergwein.

"mountain wine" it is a tafelwein level wine made from grapes that are grown on extrodinarily steep slopes


What is the key styalistic difference between German and Austrian wines?

Most German wines are sweet while Austrian wines are most often dry.


What are the two largest classified wine regions in Austria?

Niederosterreich and Burgenland


What is Weinland Osterreich?

Wine blended at landwein level from the states of Niederosterreich and Burgenland.


Where can good-value sweet wines made in the botrytized style be found in Austria?

In the Neusiedersee and Neusiedlersee-Hugelland thanks to the effects of Lake Neusiedl which create conditions that promote the growth of bortytis cinerea.


What is Bikaver and what country is it associated with?

"Bulls Blood" a full bodied red wine traditionally made from Kadarka grapes in Hungary.


What is Controliran and which country is it associated with?

Quality wines in Bulgaria


What is the crimean peninsula and which country is it located in?

The Crimean Peninsula is practically an island in the Black Sea that has the best viticultural conditions in the former Soviet Union. It is the main zone of production in Ukraine.


What are the top three Central and Eastern Europe producers of wine?

1) Russia 2) Romania 3) Hungary


Who produces DOC quality level wine in Central and Eastern Europe?



What is chasselas and which country is it associated with?

The best known local grape (white) in Switzerland. It is also known as Fendant.


What is the primary red grape of Switzerland?

Pinot Noir


What is the home of Zinfandel's ancestor? What was the name of this grape?

Croatia; the grapes name is Crljenak Kastelanski


What is Tokaji and in which country is it of importance?

A famous dessert wine from Hungary. It is made from late-harvested and usually botrytis-affected grapes.


What are aszu grapes?

Bortytis affected grapes that are masheed into a thick paste and mixed with normally fermented base wine to make Tokaji.


What is one of the sweetest wines made and comes from Hungary?

Tokaji Aszu Essencia; lower in alcohol (about 10%) made from Furmint and Harslevelu (the two grapes used for Tokaji).


What is puttonyo?

It is a grading system for Tokaji; there are up to seven puttonyo levels.