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What cripped the wine industry in Greece in ancient times?

The Ottoman rule stated that wines were to be heavily taxed if sold outside the local area where they produced. This cippled the industry that was thriving during the Middle ages.


What is retsina?

A wine infused with pine resin that Greece is known for.


What has helped initiate a "wine renaissance" in Greece in the last couple decades?

A new generation of modern winemakers and Greece's entry into the EU.


Which region has the highest concentration of vineyards of all of Greece?

The Peloponnese


What is the new ttrend in planting grapes in Greece?

Planting toward hillside vineyards at higher elevations to take advantage of cooler temperatures.


What are the two standout red grapes in Greece?

Xynomavro (a red variety of the northern areas, especially Macedonia, that is often compared to Pinot Noir)
Agiorgitiko (grown mainly in the Peloponnese making more tannic and fruity wines than Xynomavro)


What is another well-known red grape variety of Greece that is used mainly for sweet fortified wines?



What are the three most respected white varieties of Greece?

Moschofilero (a pink grape akin to Pinot Gris that comes from the Mantinia region of the Peleponnese)
Assyrtiko (a high acid white originally from Santorini but now throughout the country used for dry and sweet whites)
Muscat (or Moschato, almost always used for sweet wines)


What pink skinned grape is grown primarily in the Peleponnese and vinified into both white and rose wines?



What two categories do quality wines of Greece fall into?

OPE (producing sweet wines only)
OPAP (primarily for dry, non-fortified wines)


What do OPE and OPAP equate to? How much do they produce of Greece's total national production?

They equate to the new designation Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and account for only 15% of total production.


What three categories are under the quality wines of Greece?

TO (topikos oinos: "regional wine" which equates to PGI)
OKP (onomasia kata paradosi "appellation by tradition" which is a special subcategory equivalent to TO created chiefly to protect retsina without tying it to a specific geographic area)
EO (epitrapezios oinos "table wine" which is basic wine and accounts for about half of Greece's total production)


What does the Greek term cava or "kava" refer to?

Table wine (EO) that has been aged for a minimum of two years (white wines) or three years (red wines)


What are 7 of the best known/respected Greek appellations?

Amyndeon (or Amyndaio OPOP in Macedonia), Cotes de Meliton OPOP (Macedonia), Mantinia OPAP (Peloponnese), Mavrodaphne of Patros OPE (Peloponnese), Naousa (or Nauossa OPOP in Macedonia), Nemea OPAP (Peloponnese), Patras OPAP (Peloponnese)


What does Amyndeon OPAP produce?

dry to off-dry red and roses made from Xynomavro


Which appellation in Macedonia makes red and white wines from Greek and French varieties?

Cotes de Meliton OPAP


What does Mantinia OPAP produce?

dry white from Moschofilero


Which OPE from the Peloponnese produces sweet reds from Mavrodaphne?

Mavrodaphne of Petras OPE


In the Peloponnese, what OPAP produces a dry to sweet red from Agiorgitiko and which produces a dry white from Roditis?

Nemea produces the dry to sweet red from Agiorgitiko and Patras produces the dry white from Roditis.


What does Naousa OPAP produce?

A dry to off-dry red from Xynomavro


Which historic wine puts Cyprus on the map?

Commandaria - a sweet amber colored dessert wine made using sun-dried graped (from red Mavro and white Xynisteri varieties).


Is Commandaria a fortified wine?

It can be, but not always. It is aged in a solera-type system.


Which one producer is the wine industry of Lebanon based largely upon?

Chateau Musar


Does Turkey have any vineyards?

Yes. They are actually the 4th largest grapegrowing country in the world, but most are eaten fresh or as raisins. Its wines are rarely seen outside the country.


What is the most significant winegrowing zone in Isreal?

Galilee in the north and the slightly higher latitude and elevation area of Golan Heights.


What is the vast majoirty of Israeli wine production destined for?

Religious services or Orthodox Jewish consumers. This means the majority of wine is made kosher. The US is the primary export market for Israeli wines.


What are the 7 regions of Greece from North to South?

Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessalia, Central Greece, Peloponnese, Crete