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Why is cervical cancer suitable for screening?

Important health problem
Treatment available
Recognizable early phase
Suitable screening test available
Natural history of condition is understood
Cost effective


Describe the outline of the screening program

Women aged 25-64
Every 3 years up to age 49, then 5 yearly


Why is the lower age limit increased now

Cervical changes common in young women and usually clear on their won
Cervical cancer is exceptionally rare in women under 25
Screening under 25s can lead to unnecessary treatment


What is the coverage of a screening program

Screened population/eligible population x 100


What is uptake

Screened population/invited population x 100


Who is the HPV vaccine offered to

girls ages 11 to 13


When can someone with CIn return to the normal screening population

If they show normal cervical cells and HPV negative six months after treatment