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What is the treatment of rectal chlamydia

co-trimoxazole or doxycycline


What does reverse transcpitase do

turn the RNA molecules in HIV to DNA


What is the CCR5 receptor

chemokine co receptor - after the HIV virus binds to the T helper cell via the CD4 receptors this produces a conformational change and the HIV virus also binds to CCR5


what does integrase do

so once the RNA fo HIV has been changed to dDNA by reverse transcriptase - integrase grab hold of the DNA and takes it into the T helper cells nucleus - integrase allows the HIV to become integrated in to the host cell DNA



breaks up polyprotein chains allowing them to form functioning proteins and allow the new cell that is produced to become a new HIV cell which can go on to infect other T cells


What is HAART

a combination of three drugs from at least two drug classes which the virus is susceptible


what is the purpose of HAART

reduce viral load to undetectable
restore immunocompetence
reduce morbidity and mortality
minimise toxicity


Why is it important to be compliant to HIV medication

to prevent resistance


What are the side effects of HAART toxicity

GI side effects
skin rashes - stevens-johnsons
Mood problems, psychosis
renal toxicity
increased MI risk
fulminant hepatitis


How is transmission of HIV from mother to child prevented

HAART during pregnancy
vaginal deliverly if undetected viral load- c section if detected viral load
four weeks of Post exposure prophylaxis for neonate
do not breast feed