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How much power did the popes have over medieval French kings?

The French king had such power over the Roman church in France he was practically a national pope


What idea was taking hold in France on the eve of the Protestant Reformation?

The king was the same as the state government and that the state was the same as the church


Who were the Huguenots, how are they treated, and about how many novels in France or Huguenots by the mid 1500s?

they were treated badly politically hostile
about half the nobles in France were Huguenots by the mid 1500s


This queen mother attempted to rule for her young son's from 1559 to 1589. What kind of ruler was she?

Catherine de Medicis
Ruthless unscrupulous and tyrannical


These many civil wars were fought in France in the last 40 years of the 16th century. Name two protestant leaders. What family led the Catholic forces?

Nine civil wars

Admiral Gaspard de Coligny
Henry of Bourbon

Guise Family


How many Huguenots were killed in the Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre?
How did Henry of Navarre escape death?

He vowed to change his faith from Protestant to Catholic


He was the first protestant king of France

Henry of Navarre, Henry IV


These are the provisions of the edict of Nantes

Huguenots could live in any towns or districts of France they chose, but could practice their worship only in specifically designated towns where Protestantism had previously been the prevailing form of worship.

They were forbidden to practice or teach the religion or to publicly instruct children in it anywhere outside the designated territories specifically forbidden was the practice of the Huguenot religion at the King's court or anywhere in Paris or in a zone surrounding the city.

They were not discriminated against for school, health, or public office.
They got 100 fortified cities w/armies.


She attempted to real France after the assassination of Henry IV. Who really control the government?

Marie de Medicis
Cardinal Richelieu helped her and took over.


What did the Huguenots lose in the piece of Alais

Fortified towns and armies


No these people and things

John Calvin
Edict of January


How old is Louis the 14th when his father died? Who ruled for him while he was a child?

Less than 5
Mazarin -Young cardinal groomed by Cardinal Richelieu


Describe the importance of France during the reign of Louis XIV

France had the largest population at 21 million people who were industrious working the country's soil and managing international commerce. France was very prosperous and flourished in philosophy, science and art. It was one of the most important nations in Europe. Whatever happened in France would influence the world.


Louis XIV was known for this.
He was called this.

His display of pomp and splendor. LOTS of servants and he made everything an event.
He was known as the Sun King because he chose the sun as the symbol of his reign.


Define absolutism.
What statement expressed Louis XIV's belief in absolutism?
How did he demonstrate this belief?

Unlimited ruled by one man
L'etat c'est moi - "I am the state."
He put his government on a religious foundation and claimed that is absolute power was by divine right


Describe the Palace of Versaiiles.
What was the purpose of all it's splendor?

If palace built 10 miles from Paris. A great work of architecture in the modern age. It housed many government offices and had a hall of mirrors, tapestry, chandeliers, and frequent formal occasions.
It kept the nobles/aristocracy occupied.


Describe how Louis XIV changed to the military system in France

King Louis made himself the top of the military so that anyone in the armed forces would fight only for the king. The French government took charge of recruiting and training troops and increased the size of the French army from 100,000 to 400,000 men. It was highly organized. The organization and size of the military gave France confidence to fight in wars.


Upon whom did the tax burden in France fall and why?

The peasants because nobility refused to pay taxes.


Name the terms of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes.

1All Huguenot church buildings were to be destroyed.
2No public or private Huguenot worship services were to be allowed.
3Ministers who would not convert to Catholicism had to leave the country within 10 days or be put to death.
4Children born to Huguenot parents were to be baptized by Catholic priests and raised as Catholics. 5Huguenots (except ministers) were forbidden to leave the country.


When did the Age of Enlightenment begin in France?
What was it like?
Who were some of its chief thinkers?

It was a blatant anti-Christianity that openly boasted rejection of the Bible and disbelief in the deity of Christ. It was quite miserable. The persecution of the Huguenots laid the foundation for the French Revolution and all the horrors that it brought to the French people. Chief thinkers were Voltair, Montesquieu,and Jean Jacques Rousseau. Modern government ideas became known but they left out the rights of man, government by consent, representative democracy and Christianity so that tyranny ruled and peoples rights were squashed or taken away.


Why have modern political ideas worked in England and America?

Because they were based on the foundation of Christianity.


Why could not unplug lady is not work in France?
What laid the foundation for the horrors of the French Revolution?

Their ideas were not based on Christianity.
The persecution of the Huguenots laid the foundation for the French Revolution.


Know these things and people

aristocracy Alsace and Lorraine
League of Ausburg
Treaty of Ryswick
Old regime


What kind of king was Louis XV?

He was weak and selfish showing more interest in personal pleasure than in governing his country.


What was King Louis XV's deathbed prophecy?

"Apres moi let deluge". After me the deluge.


Name three estates of France and tell who belongs to each. Which estate included the largest percentage of the population?

The first estate was clergy.
The second estate was nobility.
The third estate was everyone else in France – from prosperous merchant to poor peasant.
The third estate included the largest population. 98% of ppl.


What group forced Louis XVI to call the estates general? How long had it been in active? What did the calling of the estates general initiate?

The French nobility
It had been in active for over 170 years
The French revolution was initiated


What action did the third estate take on June 17, 1789? How did Louis XVI respond?

They declared themselves to be the National Assembly the official representative body of all the people of France.
He ordered them out of the meeting hall and at Marie Antoinnette's suggestion assembled 18,000 troops.


Who was the wife of Louis XVI?

Marie Antoinnette


Describe the storming of the Bastille.

The people of Paris stormed the Bastille and broke seven people out of prison there. Troops killed 98 people and in retaliation several government officials were murdered, their heads cut off, put on poles and paraded through the city.