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Who is the longest ruling monarch in English history and what did she resolve when she discovered she might become queen?

Queen Victoria she reigned for 64 years. She resolved "I will be good"


Who was queen Victoria's husband? Which prime minister had the greatest influence on her?

Prince Albert.
Benjamin Disraeli


What was the secret to Victorian England's greatness?

The Bible


Whom did the Liberals represent any 1850?
The conservatives?
Who is the leader of the Liberals?
Of the conservative?

The middle class
Nobility and other wealthy people
William Gladstone
Benjamin Disraeli


What key issue has always prevented peace between England and Ireland? Explain

Ireland was Catholic and England was protestant
A 1641 massacre of protestant landlords by Irish Catholic peasants prompted Oliver Cromwell's Puritan regime to come against the Catholic Irish in 1649. Cromwell lead 10,000 troops an Irish Catholic strongholds and killed 2000 men. These men didn't have anything to do with the previous massacre. Tensions were very high.


Into what two sections is Ireland divided in the 20th century? What are they called today?

Irish Free State and Northeast Ulster
Ireland and Northern Ireland


Explain economic religious and patriotic factors of the expansion of the British Empire. What three words some of these factors?

Economic factors: British capitalism was growing and businessman wanted running trails to fuel their industries. They also want an open markets and investment opportunities that the empire made possible.

Religious factors: At first missionaries were denied access to new territories but eventually Englishmen strong in Christian beliefs promoted missions and the 19th century became the Great Century of Missions

Patriotic factors: Britons were proud of the Queen, their flag, their fleet and their empire. The people eagerly followed the growth and were fascinated by the stories of strange people, animals, geography, architecture, clothing and goods. They were proud of their country.

Three words: gold, God and glory.


Identify these things

Victorian Age
Oxford Movement
Act of Union
Catholic Emancipation Act


Who is called the "Father of Homeless Waifs" and why?

George Muller
He founded orphanages for the forsaken children of Bristol England. He helped thousands of orphans.


Who founded the Salvation Army and what was its purpose?

William Booth
The goal was to reach others for Christ and meet their physical needs.


Why was the YMCA founded and what do the letters stand for?

It was founded to do benevolent work and help boys coming to the city have temporary housing, meals, Bible study, recreation and good Christian fellowship.
It stands for Young Men's Christian Association


Who led in the founding of the international Red Cross? Who lead in the founding of the American Red Cross.

John-Henri Dunant
Clara Barton


Who is called the Prince of preachers and what was the name of his church?

Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Metropolitan Tabernacle


Identify these people

Sir George Williams
Florence Nightingale
Gipsy Smith


What marks the beginning of European influence in Asia

Vasco da Gama's voyage to India


What Indian uprising led the British government to take control of India? What act established this control?

Sepoy Rebellion
India Act 1858


Name three early missionaries to India. Which is remembered as the Father of Modern Missions?

William Carey the Father of Modern Missions
Amy Carmichael
Henry Martyn


Who was the first protestant missionary to China?
Who founded the China inland mission?

Robert Morrison
J. Hudson Taylor


Describe how Japan was opened to trade and missions.

In 1854 Matthew Perry persuaded Japan to open it harbors for trade. In 1858 Townsend Harris negotiated a treaty that opened Japan to Christian missionaries. By the 1860s Japan began to assimilate much of western civilization


What country sent missionaries to Indonesia? What were the results of Christianity there?

The Dutch
Missions activity grew within the territory


What religion was dominant in the Philippines



Identify these things

East India Company
Hong Kong


What is the largest continent and what is the second largest continent?



In what African country was the gospel preached in the first century A.D.? Who brought the gospel to this country in the fourth century A.D.?



What area was one of the strongest centers of the early Christian church?

Northern Africa along the Mediterranean Sea


What discovery greatly increased the slave trade in Africa? Where were most of the slaves sold?

The discovery of the New World
the West Indies


Who is the most famous missionary in the 19th century? How many years did he spend in Africa? What three things did he believe Africa needed?

David Livingstone
33 years
The Bible


What European countries established colonies in Africa? What two different opinions did Europeans have about Africa?

the Netherlands
Great Britain
One group thought that Africa should be exploited and the people should be nothing more than cheap labor.
Others thought Africa was a country that needed the light of the gospel and Western influence


What two groups fought the Boers War?
Where did it take place and what dominion was finally established in 1910?

The British and the Boers
South Africa
They Union of South Africa


Why was Britain interested in Egypt?

The English were interested because of the Suez Canal used for trade.