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Describe Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm I I

Bismarck was dismissed
Wilhelm built a needle fleet to rival the British Navy
Germany was eager to flex its muscles expand and demonstrate its strength to the older established nations of Europe.


Which three nations formed the triple alliance? What three nations formed the triple Entante?

Germany Austria-Hungary and Italy
England France and Russia


What event to sparked the beginning of World War I in 1914?

The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo by a Serbian revolutionist


Why did England declare war on Germany?

Germany disregarded the English request to leave Belgium neutral. Instead Germany marched through Belgium to attack Paris France. They called the 1939 treaty showing their neutrality a "scrap of paper"


What did Winston Churchhill do to prepare the British fleet for work?

He built friendly relations with Germany and modernized an expanded the British Navy and developed the Navy's first Air Force


What group became known as the Allied powers? The Central Powers?

Allies were England, France and Russia
Central Powers were Austria-Hungary, Germany and Italy


Why did Italy refuse to aid the triple alliance? What role did Italy end up playing in the war?

The triple alliance was attacking not defending themselves so Italy decided to remain neutral. Eventually Italy ended up being on the side of the allies.


Identify these things

Revolutionary nationalism
Victor Emmanuelle the second
Era of Bismarck


Who led Prussia in the unification of Germany?

Auto von Bismarck


Name some important battles on the Western front. What was the most important naval battle of the war?

The battle of the Marne
Battle of Ypres
Battle of Verdune
The battle of Somme
The battle of Jutland – the most important naval battle of World War I.


What took place in Russia in February 1917? In October 1917?

The Russian Revolution in February 1917
The Bolshevik Revolution in October 1917


What did the armistice on the Eastern front allowed Germany to do?

Allowed Germany to concentrate it's forces and fighting the Western front


Who was Lawrence of Arabia? Who captured Jerusalem for the allies and when?

British Colonel TE Lawrence. He led Arab revolts against Turkish rule in the Arabian Peninsula
British troops under General Allenby captured Jerusalem in December 1917.


Give three important reasons why the United States was drawn to the Allied cause.

Without the Allies winning, the US would not get a return on their money for what they had loaned the Allies

There was a growing pro English and anti-German sentiment.

German Tierney over its own people and other people of Western Europe was incompatible with American ideals of dignity and rights of mankind


What tragedy cause the United States to demand of the termination of Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare?

The sinking of the Lusitania


When did America declare war on Germany? How did American aid insure an Allied victory

April 6, 1917
American manpower, weapons, economic resources, and food supplies insured an Allied victory


When was an armistice signed by Germany? Where was it signed question

November 11, 1918 in a railcar in France


What US President wanted to establish a league of Nations? What were the specified aims of the league?

Woodrow Wilson
To guarantee international cooperation and to achieve international peace and security


What were the three main provisions of the Treaty of Versailles?

German territorial losses, demilitarization of Germany,
reparation an admission of guilt by Germany


How did the peace of Paris affect the nations involved? What new nations were created?

All of the Central Powers were forced to give up land.

Austria and Hungary became separate nations.

The following nations were enlarged: Serbia, Belgium, Italy, Greece, and Romania

New nations that were created were: Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Czechoslovakia


What was the only World War I Victor not to join the League of Nations?



Identify these things

Western front
Paul von Hindenburg
Vladimir Lenin
Zimmerman note
Ferdinand Foch
"Big Four"


How did Russia get its name?

It was named after Vikings:the Russus. Land of Rus.


What title did Ivan the Terrible take? What new class of people did he create in Russia?



Who founded the Romanov dynasty? How long did it last?

Michael Romanov
300 years ending in 1917


What does our strongly desire to that Russia become westernized? What port city did he build on the Baltic Sea?

Peter the Great (1689-1725)
St. Petersburg


What czar set up the Russian secret police?

Czar Nicholas I


Which Czar was known as the Czar liberator? Why? How did he die?

Alexander I I
He was known as liberator because in 1861 he supposedly "freed" the serfs.
He was assassinated in 1881


What did Carl Marx believed about history? What did he want people to believe about democracy?

He said history is a record of class struggle between the wealthy and the poor and blamed private property as the source of the conflict.

He wanted them to believe that the bourgeoisie middle class and wealthier capitalists got rich off the back of the labor of the poor. He said representative government in capitalist countries was just a "committee of the bourgeoisie"


Why did Mark suppose capitalism? What economic system did he favor in stead? How did you describe the rise of the perfect communist state?

He said capitalism had ppl who owned companies and got rich(er) as a result of poor people laboring for them.

He favored socialism. Government ownership and control of everything. This would happen when the "proletariat" would overthrow the bourgeoisie who controlled the government.

He said in communism the state would wither away and there would come into being a stateless, classless, perfect condition, beyond Socialism :Communism. Man would no longer feel the need for religion which he thought of as the "opiate of the people."