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Describe the cold war between United States and the Soviet Union.

A war fought not with military weapons but with words and diplomacy. People were either for the cause of freedom or for the cause of communism.


How did President Truman plan to prevent communism from spreading to new areas of the world and what was his plan called?

His plan was to contain it. He put forth the Marshall Plan in which America would supply money and support to nations wanting to rebuild after World War II. Those countries had to do as much as they could to revitalize their own economy. He hoped they would reject communist leadership.


Why was NATO organized?

NATO was organized to combat the threat of communism in the free world


How did Winston Churchill describe the Soviet domination of Eastern Europe?

He calling to the phrase "Iron Curtain" to describe the Soviet domination of Eastern Europe


Where did the Cold War first become evident? Into what to zones did Germany find itself divided? What East German city was also divided?

East Germany and West Germany
East Berlin and West Berlin


Name France's longest serving president. What years did he serve? What political party did he represent?

François Mitterrand
1981-1995. 14 yrs.


Name great Britain's first female prime minister

Margaret Thatcher


What war did Britain win in 1982?

The Falklands War


What nation was the first to land a man on the moon?

The United States


What event in 1957 give the Soviet union a Headstart in the space race?

The launching of Sputnick I


Identify these things

Marshall plan
Operation airlift
Berlin wall
Konrad Adenauer
Charles de Gaulle
Neil Armstrong


What great disaster for the cause of freedom in Asia occurred in the late 1940s? Who led the Chinese communist? Who led the Chinese nationalists?

The communist takeover of China in the late 1940s
Mao Tse-Tung
Chang Kai-shek


What was the cultural revolution?

Young people in gangs called the red guards filled China with noisy demonstrations, marches, and protests, and a tech Chinese intellectuals and professionals. By 1979 they had murdered and estimated 400,000 people.


What made it impossible to unify Korea into one nation?

In North Korea the Soviet union interfered with free elections and established a communist government


Why did President Truman relieve MacArthur at his command in the Korean War?

Truman did not agree with MacArthur's assessment that troops should be taken out north of Korea to prevent further bloodshed. Truman gave in and did not attempt to win that war. Because of their disagreement Truman fired General MacArthur.


Explain Jenna MacArthur's views on victory in the war. Did his opinions change American foreign-policy?

MacArthur said that "War's very object is victory, there is no substitute for victory." He also said that "appeasement but me begets new and bloodier wars."
His opinions did not change American foreign policy and America was dragged into the Vietnam war just a few years later.


Who became the leader in Russia after Stehlin's death? What impression of Soviet communism did he give the world?

Nikita Christian replaced Joseph Stalin in 1953.
He said that communism was mellowing or softening in it's tactics. He tried to "de-Stalinize" Russia and gave the free world false hope that the danger of communism had lesson. He spoke of "peaceful coexistence" between communism and the free world.


Who overthrew the Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista? When? What kind of regime did he establish?

Fidel Castro in 1959
He is stab list a communist dictatorship


What dictator terrorized the people of panama and smuggled illegal drugs into the United States?

Manuel Noriega


What tactic have the Communists used to take over the poor countries of

To stir up violence in order to create chaos in which desperate people will turn to communism for relief


Into what two sections was Vietnam divided and who ruled each section?

North Vietnam was under communist control and south Vietnam was under Nationalist forces


What event in 1964 cause President Johnson to order airstrikes against North Vietnam? When did the first American combat troops arrive?

Gulf of Tonkin incident where North Vietnamese torpedo boats fired on two US destroyers.
First American combat troops arrived in north Vietnam in 1965.


What nations came to the aid of north Vietnamese communist?

Russia and China


When and under what president were American troops removed from Vietnam? What then happens to south Vietnam?

Under Richard Nixon in 1973, troops were moved out of Vietnam.
South Vietnam was overtaken. On April 30, 1975, Saigon, South Vietnam's capital, fell to communist forces and the Communists gained complete control of Vietnam.


Identify these people and places and things

Peoples Republic of China
Great leap forward
Red guards
38th parallel
Guerrilla warfare
Bay of Pigs
John F Kennedy
Cuban missile crisis
Panama canal
Ho Chi Minh


What did liberals call President Reagan system of economics? What were the two main points of this program?

Budgets should be balance
Trade and business should be free from government interference


List three things the Reagan years represented

Traditional values
Less government regulation of private property
I return to patriotism and military strength


How did America liberate Grenada in 1983?

America helped Grenadian troops invade Grenada and take it over so Fidel Castro's plans for Grenada were thwarted


What three things did Gorbachev agreed to that helped in the cold war?

To reduce Soviet weapons strengths
To freely and slave nations of Eastern Europe
To stop encouraging revolution and bloodshed throughout the world


Why did the communists lose control of Eastern Europe?

The con of me of the Soviet union is on verge of collapsing food shortages were common