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What are popular works and how do they differ from the classics?

Popular works are for the pleasure of the moment rather than for the ages.
The classics stand the test of time even if they are popular right now


How should all human works be evaluated?

By comparing it to the greatest classic of all - the word of God


What was the Gregorian chant and why could do people not understand lyrics?

Early Roman church music that was originally an unaccompanied line of melody with no harmony
The lyrics were in Latin and we're unintelligible to the congregation


What was Martin Luther's most lasting contribution to music?

Corrals (hymns)


What country produces the worlds greatest musicians?



Name three influential Italian musicians in the contributions of each.

Monteverdi created the opera
Vivaldi developed instrumental music
Carelli founded the classical technique of violin playing


Name the three leading German musicians of the post Reformation. And briefly state what each man was known for.

Heinrich Schutz -he used the Bible as his text for church music

Johan Sebastian Bach, -believed everything should be done to the glory of God and that the aim of music is to produce it well sounding harmony to the glory of God in the permissible delight of the Spirit. He composed in nearly all musical forms and brought together German Italian and French styles to a believed everything should be done to the glory of God and that the aim of music is to produce it well sounding harmony to the glory of God in the permissible delight of the Spirit. He composed in all musical forms and brought together German Italian and French styles to a high level of perfection high level of perfection

George Frederick Handel-discovered the oratorio (sacred coral work) and wrote the messiah which contains the Hallelujah Chorus in the "Messiah"


In the two leading musicians who established the classical style in real estate what are you to me and was known for.

Fran's Joseph Haydn wrote 100 symphonies and two oratorios the creation and the seasons best known for writing tearful music for the church

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart a child prodigy wrote 40 to 50 symphonies and several famous operas including the "Magic Flute" in the Mozart and the "Marriage of Figaro"


What musicians work marked the climax of modern music in the 19 century and what physical condition to be overcome?

Ludwig von Beethoven


Identify the following things

Isaac Watts
Jean Sibelius
Peter Tchaikovsky


What is a classic? With what to movements to the modern classics begin?

A work of superior excellence that has did the test of time it work for all people of all ages.

They began with the Northern Renaissance and the Protestant Reformation


With whom did art in the modern age begin and what is his most popular work?

Albrecht Dürer. Praying Hands


Who is the greatest of the Dutch Masters and what we're this artist great treatments?

Rembrandt van Rijn.
His greatest achievements were realistic illustrations of biblical scenes


Who is one of the most important artists in England in the 18th century and what was he known for?

William Hogarth
His engravings are what he is best known for


Describe the paintings of Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin

His paintings chose subjects from his daily world and rendered them in a peaceful controlled manner. They captured the simple natural beauty of common scenes.


Who were the neoclassicists and name a leader of the neoclassical movement.

Those who followed Jacque Louis David and believed that France should use classical Rome as a model for paintings


What was romanticism and name a leader of the Romantic movement.

Romanticism is characterized by a reaction against the balanced orderly neoclassical style the expression of emotion for its own sake and the representation of exotic locations.

Eugene Delacroix


What is Gustav Courbet's philosophy of painting?

He believed that artists should paint the things around them as they really are. He led the movement known as Realism.


Who were the Impressionists? What type of colors did they use in their paintings? Name three of the best-known Impressionists.

They attempted to show the ever-changing reality of a particular moment by emphasizing the minute details of the effect of changing light.
They used light colors mostly white and they avoided black altogether.

Pierre Auguste Renoir
Claude Monet
Vincent Van Gogh


Identify these things

Wood cutting
Hans Holbein the Younger
Jan Vermeer


What was the first book printed on Gutenberg's printing press?

The Bible


Who has been called the greatest writer the world is ever known and what makes his plays and poems great?

He understood human nature and was able to show the feelings and thoughts of men in general.


What poem is considered by many to be the greatest common English language and who wrote it?

Paradise lost by John Milton


Who produced of the worlds most popular and beloved allegory and name the allegory.

Pilgrims progress by John Bunyan


Describe a literature in the 18th century.

Moral and religious decline caused literature to decline and so many writers began to imitate French authors who found inspiration in ancient works of Greece and room instead of in the Bible


What was characterized by a concern for beauty of nature?



Who is the first woman and first Swedish writer to receive a Nobel Prize for literature or?

Selma Lagerlof


Identify these things and people

John de la Fontaine
Miguel day Cervantes
Matsumoto Basho
Alexander Pope
Johan Schiller
Daniel Defoe
William Wordsworth
Hans Christian Andersen
Leo Tolstoy
Fyodor Dostoevsky