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Why did the world look to America for leadership during the 1920s?

World War I made the United States the most powerful nation in the world and people looked toward America for leadership


How did Germany's inability to repay her war debt affect her relations with other nations?

It made Germany bitter towards the rest of Europe


How did Benito Mussolini come to power? When? What type of government did he organize in Italy

Mussolini organized the fascist party
1922. He and fascists marched on ROM and King Victor Emmanuelle III invited him to form a new government


What is Nazism? Who organize the Nazis in Germany?

A form of socialism that relies heavily on terrorist aggressions, fanatical racism, and anti-democratic nationalism

Adolf Hitler


Name three anti-Christian thinkers and explain their erroneous viewpoints. What does behavioral psychology deny?

Frederick Nietzsche. German thinker who declared God is dead

Soren Kirkengaard - Danish philosopher who formulated existentialism denying any truth or ultimate reality and said that man makes his own meaning

Sigmund Freud- formulated the system known as psychoanalysis where the subconscious forces or drives or determines a man's actions rather than reason and faith or conscious feeling. It led to behavioral psychology -denying God or a soul and focuses on man's behavior


List some of the fundamentals of Christian faith. Name 6 defenders of the faith.

The inspiration and inerrancy of scripture

The deity of Christ

His virgin birth and miracles

His blood atonement for sin

His bodily resurrection

His personal return

J Gresham Machen
R. A. Tory
Billy Sunday
Gypsy Smith
G Campbell Morgan
Harry Rimmer


How did the automobile revolutionize America?

It completely change transportation in America

Promoted more jobs and prosperity by benefiting steel and paint production, rubber processing, petroleum refining, and Road building.


What happened to the stock market in 1929 and what was the result?

The Great Depression happened the stock market crashed and investors less $30 billion in weeks. This shut off the supply of credit that had sustained the economic boom. Banks closed factories cut down production or shut down and 13 million people ended up unemployed by 1932.


Name the 1932 presidential candidates and their parties. Who won the election?

President Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) won


How was the New Deal unsuccessful?

After six years, 9 million workers remained unemployed. The new deal did not help the economy much and may have prolonged the depression in some cases. FDR's programs marked the beginning of government interference in the aspects of con of me and people's every day lives.


How did Roosevelt help strengthen communism?

President Roosevelt wanted to trade with Russia so in November 1933, the United States recognized the communist government of the Soviet union. This made it possible for the US and other Western nations to trade with Russia and enabled communists to get loans and technology from the west.


How did the depression affect Europe and Asia?

It brought great hardship to millions of people. They were suffered from an employment and economic problems and so began to accept the socialistic propaganda Mussolini and Hitler.


Identify these things

Mein Kampf
Billy Sunday
Charles Lindbergh
Roaring 20s
Great depression


What office did Adolf Hitler hold in Germany in 1933?

Chancellor of Germany


How did Hitler come to power as Der Fuhrer of Germany

The Communists were discredited after the election in 1933 and the Nazis gained the majority. The majority in the Reichstag voted to give Hitler power to make laws by his own decree.


What was Hitler's most notorious scheme? Explain his use of the Jews. How were the German Jews persecuted?

His most notorious scheme was his attempted annihilation of the Jewish race. He said Germans were the noblest and the Jews were the lowest and most despicable of the races.


How did Mussolini and Hitler take part in the Spanish Civil War and why?

They both wanted to see a fascist state on the doorstep of France and gave aid to revolutionary forces led by General Francisco Franco. Mussolini gave troops and Hitler gave weapons.


What countries did Hitler conquered by the spring of 1939?

Austria, Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia and Poland


What was the Nazi Soviet pact and with whom did Hitler sign?

It included a secret non-aggression agreement to jointly invade Eastern Europe and divide the land between Hitler and Joseph Stalin of Russia.


Why did England and France declared war on Germany?

On September 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland.


Identify these things

Der Fuhrer
Third Reich
Storm troopers
Hitler youth
Haile Selassie
Axis powers
Neville Chamberlain


What major obstacle did the league of Nations encounter at its founding?

United States refused to join the League of Nations


What countries fell to the Nazis before the British troops arrived?

Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland and Belgium


What happened to Paris? Where was the armistice with Germany signed?

Paris fell to Germany. Marshall Petain lead France and immediately asked Hitler for an armistice. It was accepted on June 22, 1940 in the same railroad dining car that the armistice with Germany was signed in 1918


Who became Britain's prime minister in 1940? What did he realizes the only hope for preserving freedom in Europe?

Winston Churchhill. He said that the only hope for preserving freedom in Europe was to make a valiant stand against Germany.


What part did the RAF play in the battle of Britain? What was the outcome?

The RAF destroyed so many German planes that Germany gave up daytime bombing raid's and resorted to nighttime raids only. The RAF also gave great Britain a chance to defend herself against her ruthless enemy by destroying those bombers.


Why did Hitler's invasion of Russia fail? How did it benefit Stalin?

Hitler started invading Russia at the beginning of winter. This was a big mistake. They had strained supply lines and the cold winter proved to be too much for German forces. Stalin's forces were used to the cold and Hitler was forced to abandon invading Moscow.
Stalin got supplies and money from the United States over the next few years to drive Germany out of Russia. The money helped stall and enslave Eastern Europe after the war, sadly.


Why were Americans particularly concerned when France fell?

After France, Britain was the only land that stood between Germany and America.


How was America and "Arsenal of Democracy" in the early years of the war?

President Roosevelt and congress passed in March 1941 the Lend-Lease Act which allowed war materials like ships, guns, planes and tanks to be sent to England on credit.


How did Germany respond to American aid to England?

They started firing on American merchant ships that came to England.