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Sport and exercise psychology definition

An interdisciplinary scientific and applied field that embraces the integration of sport science and psychological knowledge


Why is sport and exercise psychology defined in multiple different ways

It has been shaped by theoretical and methodological influences of both kinesiology and psychology


Define positive psychology

An area of psychology concerned primarily with understanding the processes that enable people and groups to thrive


Much can be learned from the positive aspects; focus on the more favourable attributes;

well being, satisfaction, fulfilment, pleasure, and happiness


What can resiliency be thought of

As the process of positive adaptation in the context of adversity or risks and positive psychology can strengthen psychological resilience through the development of skills based on avoiding thinking traps staying calm and focused and putting things in perspective


What are careers in sport and exercise psychology

Teaching = increasing awareness

Research = personality motivation anxiety stress coping group cohesion aggression moral behaviour ect.

Consulting = Canada doesn’t use as many consultants


Sport science education

Working in a university and college settings

Teaching and research skills


Clinical psychology

Focuses on the assessment and rehabilitation of serious psychological dysfunctions


Counselling training

Focuses more on helping people with adjustment or development problems


Are clinical and counselling the same

No but there is definite over lap between the two


Define a psychologist

A term that is defined and regulated by provincial and territorial boards in Canada


Why are there laws placed to be able to call yourself a sport psychologist

To protect people from being exploited possibly by untrained individuals.


What is the criteria for Canada to license you as a sport psychologist

A masters degree in sport psychology

Successful completion of courses

Extensive consulting experience

Hands on experience

Favourable supervisor and client evaluations



Concerned with matters of right and wrong as they relate to human behaviour


What are three codes of ethics that are particularly relevant to the sport and exercise psychology consultant working in Canada

AASP ethical principles and standards

CSPA code of ethics

CPA Canadian code of ethics for psychologists


Who can be considered the modern parents of sport and exercise psychology in Canada

Albert Carron

Rick Alderman


What are the four general principles of the CPA Canadian code of ethics for psychologists

Respect for the dignity of persons

Responsible caring

Integrity in relationships

Responsibility to society


Scientific constructs

Specifically defined terms that have been created for a scientific purpose


Define variable

A scientific construct that can be assigned a specific value to be counted


Define independent variable

The manipulated variable (cause) that produces a change in the dependent variable


Define dependent variable

A non-manipulated variable (outcome) that is expected to change as a result of manipulating the independent variable


Define theory

Specified relationships across a number of scientific constructs and attempts to explain phenomena across a number of different times contexts and people


Define research hypotheses

Educated guesses about the nature of the relationships among scientific constructs given specific conditions


Define quantitative inquiry

Focuses on quantifying or counting the amount of a particular variable or set of variables


Define qualitative inquiry

Often assumes that reality is constructed by the person in a particular situation or context


Define emic focus

Captures the participants viewpoint in a particular setting


What are predicted trends and issues in Canada in the next 20 years

Increased specialization and diversification

Increased research and teaching opportunities

Increased demands for training in clinical and counselling psychology

Ethics and competencies

Working in performance enhancement teams

Online consulting and service provision

Consulting with athletes and exercisers with disabilities

Knowledge translation


Explain the increased specialization and diversification trend

Federal and provincial territorial health initiatives and policies combined with knowledge development will drive increased specialization


Explain increased research and teaching opportunities

Because of increased specialization and diversification the number and types of courses will increase