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In August 1961, in order to stem a growing tide of emigrants fleeing from East to West Berlin, the Soviets constructed a wall separating the two parts of the city. Until it's demolition in 1989, it stood as a tangible symbol of the Cold War and the division of Europe

Berlin Wall


The most dangerous crisis of the Kennedy administration, and in many ways of the entire Cold War, came in October 1962, American spy planes discovered that the Soviet Union was installing missiles in Cuba capable of reaching the United States with nuclear weapons

Cuban missile crisis


In 1965, abandoned the national-origins quota system of immigration, which had excluded Asians and severely restricted Southern and Eastern Europeans

The Hart-cellar act


Johnson's initiatives do 1965-1967 provided the health services to the poor and elderly in the new Medicaid and Medicare programs and poured federal funds into education and urban development

Great society


Did not consider the most direct ways of eliminating poverty--- guaranteeing an annual income for all Americans, creating jobs for the unemployed, promoting the spread of unionization, or making it more difficult for businesses to shift production to low-wage south or overseas

War on poverty


Although many streams flowed into the generational rebellion, the youth revolt was inconceivable without the war's destruction of young American's belief in authority



The public reawakening of feminist consciousness did not get its start until the publication in 1963 of Betty Friedan's _______

The feminine mystique


Friedan was president, formed in 1966, modeled on civil rights organizations, it demanded equal opportunity in jobs, education, and political participation and attacked the "false image of women" spread by the mass media

National organization for women (NOW)


The publication in 1962 by the marine biologist Rachel Carson brought home to millions of readers the effects of DDT, and insecticide widely used by home owners and farmers against mosquitoes, gypsy moths, and other insects

Silent spring


For a time the Nixon administration also pursued these programs to upgrade minority employment

Affirmative action


Congress approved in 1972, which banned gender discrimination in higher education

Title IX


Under way since 1969; froze each country's arsenal of intercontinental missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads

Strategic arms limitation talks (SALT)


Rising oil prices rippled through the world economy, contributing to the combination of stagnant economic growth and high inflation



Others took the lesson that the United States should be extremely reluctant to commit its armed forces overseas

Vietnam syndrome


The accelerating flow of jobs, investments, and population of the nonunion, low-wage states of the ______ increased the political influence of this conservative region



Peace agreement between the leaders of Israel and Egypt, brokered by president Jimmy Carter in 1978

Camp Davis accords


When Carter in November 1979 allowed the deposed shah to seek medical treatment in the United States, Khomeini's followers invaded the American embassy in Tehran and seized sixty-six hostages. Fourteen people ) which included women, African- american men, and a white man I'll in health) were soon released, leaving fifty-two captives. They did not regain their freedom until January 1981, on the day Carter's term as president ended

Iran hostage crisis


Economic freedom meant curtailing the power on unions, demonstrating regulations, and radically reducing taxes. The economic program was called "supply-side economics" or "trickle-down economics;" relied on high interest rates to curb inflation and lower tax rates, especially for businesses and high-income Americans, to stimulate private investment



Scandal of the second Reagan administration involving sales of arms to Iran in partial exchange for release of hostages in Lebanon and as of the arms money to aid the Contras in Nicaragua, which had been expressly forbidden by congress

Iran-Contra affair


April 1961, Kennedy allowed the CIA to launch its invasion, at a site known as ______

Bay of pigs