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What are the five parts of the Declaration of Independence?

Preamble, Declaration on Natural rights, list of grievances, resolution of Independence, signers


Form of government in which people elect leaders to write and manage the laws for the country. These leaders are responsible for representing the will of the people are elected at regular intervals.

Representative democracy


Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts) are

Quartering act; Massachusetts; Boston port act; administration of justice Act; Quebec Act


What was the goal of the second Continental Congress?

To debate what to do about the Kings repression and decide to break up with England. This meeting lasted for months, and the Declaration of Independence was written


What is the preamble, declaration of natural rights, list of grievances, resolution of independence, and signers?

Preamble – thesis statement; declaration of natural rights – explains the rights of the people- right we are born with; list of grievances is – complaint against the king; resolution of independence – plan to break up; signers – this was treason- they risk their life


What was John Locke's social contract belief?

People give up certain freedoms in exchange for governments protection. Hobbes gets credit for this idea


What were John Locke's natural rights? How is this belief related in the Declaration of Independence?

Life liberty and property (written and his book two treaties (long essay of government). Added life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. He also believed that government should be overthrown if it fails to serve its people


What are the four functions of government?

Keep order, provide services, provide security, guide the community


Describe the key features of the Magna Carta. What did it establish?

It was illegal for the king the tax without permission; trial by Jury of peers; equal treatment under the law: rule of law; right to rebel if King breaks rules.


What did the English Bill of Rights establish?

As agreed by William and Mary; Limited government; rule of law; rights could not be taken away


What was the goal of the First Continental Congress?

To ask king George to work toward an agreement


Enlightenment thinker Thomas Hobbes believed that governments are made by men and they have power only because these men allow them to. This concept is known as?

Consent of the governed


Put these items in chronological order: a. Declaration of Independence; b. Magna Carta; c. Mayflower compact; D. English Bill of Rights

Magna Carta; Mayflower Compact; English Bill of Rights; Declaration of Independence


Jean-Jacques Rousseau's belief about government that is established in our constitution is?

Power belongs to the people, and if a government doesn't protect people, it should not exist