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What type of lesion is Leser Trelat lesion? What associated disease should you be thinking of?

Seborrheic ketatosis - *multiple* of these dark, stuck on type skin lesions (vs singular)
"Squamous cell proliferation"
Think underlying cancer - GI tract


Exposure to vinyl chloride and arsenic puts you at risk for what type of liver pathology



Bartonella henselae and Kaposi look the same on the skin - what's the difference cell-wise

Kaposi = virus so lymphocyte infiltrate
Bartonella = bacteria so will be neutrophils


What is a strawberry/capillary hemangioma? Vs cherry?

Babies get this raised, red lesion
= unencapsulated group of thin walled capillaries
Initially may grow in size
Will REGRESS ON OWN - don't treat
Cherry = benign capillary prolif in old people


What is the non pussy rash caused by S.pyogenes that has well demarcated borders?

Erysipelas (red oven mits) - well defined red rash (not confined to hands)


What is the difference between Staph scalded skin syndrome vs toxic epidermal necrolysis

SSS: bacterial exotoxin destroy stratum granulosum only, sloughing of upper layers of skin, will heal completely
TEN destroys D/E jxn - target lesions (erythema multiforme) that also involves *mucous membranes*


Describe location + bug causes hairy oral leukoplakia

EBV - *lateral tongue* white plaques, can't scrape
Vs thrush scrapable


Skin manifestation of gastric adenocarcinoma

Acanthosis nigricans - think, dark patches under arms or on neck
Also skin presentation of DIABETES


Name Ab for pemphigus vulgaris, bullous pemphigoid, dermatitis herpetiformis

PV = IgG vs desmoglin (desmosome of strat spinosum) "net like" IF + ORAL involvement
BP = IgG vs hemidesmosomes (E/D jxn) linear IF
DH = IgA @ dermal papillae, cross rxn of celiac


Skin manifestation of Hep C

Lichen planus - sawtooth lymphocytes @ E/D jxn
1. Pruritic
2. Purple
3. Polygonal
4. Planar (flat)
5. Papules
6. Plaques


3 major risk factors for SCC vs 1 big one for basal cell

SCC - UVB light esp if have RF of:
1. Chronic inflam
2. Immunosuppression
3. Arsenic
Basal - UVB light -> pyrimidine dimers, esp problematic for xeroderma pigmentosum (no NER)


2 "precursor" lesions for SCC

Actinic keratosis = dysplasia aka pre-cancer, rough red/brown plaques
Keratoacanthoma - SCC that grows fast and also regresses fast on own (cup w/ debris)


Tumor marker, possible mutation (+ associated chemo), and 4 types of melanoma

S 100
1st choice = resection, if can't and pt is BRAF V600E + could use vemurafenib (BRAF kinase I)
1. Superficial - radial
2. Lentigo maligna - radial
3. Nodular - vertical
4. Acral (foot) lentiginous - palms + soles, higher risk dark skinned people, NOT related to UV light exposure


Describe what a basal cell cancer looks like gross + histo

Ulcer center + rolled edges
Surrounding telang aka easily seen BVs
Histo: large purple cells in epi w/ *palasading nuclei on edges*


What type of HST rxn is eczema?

T1 HST aka allergic rxn w/o direct stimulus - atopic dermatitis


What makes a freckle :)

↑# melanosomes in normal # melanocytes


Biochem pathway that melanocytes make melanin

Tyrosine (tyrosine OH) -> dopa -> -> (tyrosinase) = melanin


What is albinism vs melasma vs vitiligo

A: X tyrosinase or tyrosine transport so can't make melanin
M: preg or OCP causes face hyperpig rash
V: *AI* destruction of melanocytes
1. Black people with spots of white
2. White people with areas that don't tan


Name the 5 layers of epithelium

Corneum (no nuclei)
Granulosum - looks like granules inside
Spinosum attached by desmosomes
Basale = stem cells