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Why is it a good idea to use local anesthetics in conjunction with GA?

This practice enhances pain control during and after Sx.
The dose of the general anesthetic required may be significantly reduced because of the excellent analgesia provided by the local anesthetic.


Are local anesthetics useful for cesarean section and obstetric manipulation?

Yes, as they do not cross the placenta to the fetus. They are therefore useful for cesarean section and obstetric manipulation, particularly in ruminants.


Is it ok to administer local anesthetics with epinephrine intravenously?

Local anesthetics with epinephrine should not be administered intravenously and should be avoided when blocks of extremities are performed, as circulation to these areas may become compromised.


Why should Bupivacaine not be used for IV regional anesthesia?

As cardiotoxicity is likely after release of the tourniquet.