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Where does claudication often occur?

In the calf --> presents as calf pain


How does claudication arise?

Atherosclerosis can cause narrowing of other blood vessels throughout the body apart from the coronary arteries including peripheral arteries causing ischaemic pain in the legs.


When is calf pain generally felt?

During exertion--> particularly when walking uphill


What type of pain is cludication? [Quality]

Cramping pain --> known as intermittent claudication as it arises with exertion and subsides with rest


How is severity of claudication measured?

by the distance that the patient can walk before developing the pain


What are risk factors for claudication?

Peripheral artery disease has similar risk factors as coronary artery disease


What vessels are generally occluded during claudication?

Popliteal artery --> painful calves, parasthesia/pale calves, weakness/cold/no distal pulses


How would you ask about a family history?

- Are you parents still alive?
- Do you know how they died?
- Could you tell me about the health of your immediate family?
- Be apologetic about deaths!!!


How would you redirect an interview if the patient was going off topic?

- I would love to get back to that, but I would just like to ask you a bit more about your pain...
- Thats very interesting to know....