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what is the most common cause of surgical site infections

staphylococcus aureus (mostly), but also coagulase negative staphylococci, enterobacteriaceae and anaerobes


what are some of the SSi predispoing factors (preoperative)

elderly, obesity, smoking, diabetes (the usual yadadada)


what are the SSI predispoing factors peri-operative

large incisions, foreign bodies, lengthy operations, spilage of micro-organisms


what are the SSi predispoing factors postoperative

ischaemia, haematomas, foreign bodies, exposed deep tissues


what is the diagnosis of surgical site infections

insepction, fever, raised infalmmatory markers (neutrophilia, CRP), micrscopy and culture of purulent discharge


what is the treatment for superficial incisional infections

Anti-staph antibiotics - flucloxacilin


what is the treatment for deep incisional infections

Tazocin. This covers gram positive, and aerobic gram negative bacilli + anaerobes


what is medical asepsis

defined as any practice that helps reduce the number adn spread of microorganisms


what is surgical asepsis

the complete removal of microorganisms and their spores from the surface of an object


i have skipped all of the usual stuff that is covered properly in the disinfection and sterilisation lecture

i have skipped all of the usual stuff that is covered properly in the disinfection and sterilisation lecture


how can we prevent surgical site infections

treat infection at distant sites before the procedure, screen and treat staphylococcus aureus colonisation, prepare the site with antiseptic (chlorhexidine) and good surgical technique


what are some of the microbes we can find in cat and dog bites

pastuerlla species, capnocytophaga canimorsus (good luck remembering them). These are both gram negative species
The usual yadadada of s.aureus and streptococci

These can cause massive problems for those without a spleen


what is the treatment for cat and dog bites

wounds debrided and irrigated
There's a low threshold for antibiotic therapy especially if it's after 48 hours
If there's puncture wounds that can't be debrided, wounds on face, hands and feet or wounds with underlying bone/joint involvement/immunocompromisation, use Augmentin


what is the cause of erysipeloid/fish handler's disease?

erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, found in saltwater fish, shellfish, meat and hides


Ehat is the treatment for erysipeloid, and what can infections be complicated with?

Endocarditis, meningitis and osteoarticular infections can complicate


Why can human bites be worse than cat/dog bites?

They contain a greater number of bacterial species, including things like Eikenella spp, and anaerobes. Manage them as animal bites + consider blood-borne virus risk


What bacterial species can you be exposed to from fish tanks?

Mycobacterium marinarum.
This can cause sporotrichoid infections


What does antibiotic prophylaxis do?

Reduces SSI's by 80%, especially in high risk patients. Needs to be timed so that initial dose peaks at time of procedure.

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