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What impact do you believe good coms can have on project delivery?

Help mitigate conflicts

Helps achieve full understanding of project definitions, instructions and progress.


What do you mean by presenting information at an appropriate level?

For instance, tender information having full details of all works to ensure no unknown costs are exposed to the client.


What do you consider to be good presentation?

Documents - concise with excellent format to make look pro



Do you have a favourite form of coms

I like face to face as it helps build rapport and trust. Although, i understand that appropriate measures to confirm instructions or appointments must be made in writing following up.


What is negotiation?

Dialogue between two people to reach beneficial outcome over a sale or a conflict.


How are you unambiguous and clear and verbally communicating?

Being clear and concise

Being a good listener


Did you have to negotiate with the contractor for BATHS to hold price for three months? Explain how you negotiated this.

Yes. Because the client was a charity i believe there was more power client side. I clearly asked the contractor to hold the price for the works, in return the client agreed to mention the contractor in the local newspaper.


What was the total increase in cost for the 24 week scaffold?



Explain the progress you went though when negotiating the discounted rate for scaffold?

I used a principle approach. I highlighted that the scaffold price remained the same however it would be advantageous to provide a lower cost as all they had to do was maintain the scaffold and take the markup.

Mutual gain - my client requested i inform the contractor of their intent to negotiate tender further works.

The contractor was very happy to discuss this and dropped the price by 10%.