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What is the role of the HSPC

advise client of their responsibilities
Coordinate h&s aspects of design work
Ensure design risk management
Identify risks in PCSI
Ensure contractor has correct measures for H&S
review construction phase plan


What is your role as Principle Designer?

Influencing risk regarding H&S
Specify materials with low associated routine maintenance
Liaise with principle contractor regarding risk control


What constitutes 'licensed work' regarding asbestos?

Where the work is not sporadic
or low intensity
or if risk assessment clearly demonstrates the work will not exceed control limits of unlicensed work


What typical asbestos materials would be licensed work

pipe lagging
loose fill insulation
cleaning loose debris acm
removing sprad coatings
and anything surpassing the exposure limits


What is permitted development?

Work not requiring planning permissions


Tell me more about permitted development?

There a various classes of permitted developments
Class A Extension
Class B Additions to roof
Class C Other roof works
Class D and E for other elements seek guidance


What is the purpose of the building regulations?

Enable people to use buildings
safely through structure and fire regs
improve conservation of fuel and power
enable equal access for all users
promote sustainability


What happens as RIBA stage 'strategic definition'?

Understand and prepare clients requirements
Develop Business case


What is the outcome for RIBA Stage 'Prepa and Briefing' ?

The client should approve the project brief
Site confirmed to fit project brief


What is the outcome for RIBA Stage Concept Design?

Client to approve concept design


What is the outcome for RIBA Stage Spatial Coordination?

Architectural and Engineering information spatiallly coordinated


What is the outcome for RIBA stage Technical Design?

All design information can be used for manufacturing and construction


What are the 8 RIBA stages?

0 Strategic Definition
1 Prep and Brief
2 Concept Design
3 Spatial Coordination
4 Technical Design
5 Manufacturing and Construction
6 Handover
7 In use


What is stage 2 of RIBA plan of work?

Concept Design


What is stage 1 of RIBA plan of work?

Preparation and Briefing


At what RIBA stage would you typically go out to planning?

Stage 3 - Spatial Coordination


At what RIBA stage would you typically go out to building control?

Stage 4 - Technical Design


For 43 Bath Street, what was included in the bye law application?

location plan
existing for demolition plan
ground and first floor
second floor and roof plan
detailed roof section


What was the purpose of the letter of intent?

This was to provide the contractor with confidence and comfort to commence work prior to entering the contract.


What are the different types of letter of intent?

comfort letters
instructions to proceed with consent to spend
recognition of existence of building contract


Why did you do a letter of intent for 43 Bath Street?

My client had a strict time schedule for completion and wanted to tender negotiations and the acquisition of the building to overlap. This process took much longer than initially envisaged due to internal implications my client had to deal with. I requested the selected contractor hold their prices for a two month period and they informed me that they would only if a letter of intent was provided.
I advised my client that this should be drafted by their lawyers as their is the risk that they could take on unintended liabilities. I further noted that the negotiating power of the client will decrease. Lastly, this can become legally binding.


What is the purpose of the of CDM/MIC?

To focus attention of project team on health and safety aspects of project
improve planning and management
facilitate early identification of hazards and place health and safety emphasis on mitigating them


Do you have any specific duties imposed upon you under the MIC 2016?

Depends if i am working as a
Client Rep (CA)


What are the duties under MIC 2016 as a client?

Ensure suitable arrangements are in place to manage work, these steps involved;
-Ensure people on project are competent
-Ensure arrangements for H&S complete
-Appoint in writing a contractor


What are the duties of the Designer under MIC 2016?

Reduce risk selecting materials (self cleaning windows, easy cleaning maintenance on roof/less access requirements/specify AHU's at ground level rather than roof for maintenance.
Ensure they make client aware of duties


L1 What planning legislation are you aware of and why do we have it?

Provides precedent for;
-development plans to be inline with planning applications


L1 -What is permitted development?

Works which do not require permissions - automatically granted.


L1 -Do you have examples of permitted development and where certain conditions may be required?

Gates, fences
Vents flues

Depends if in conservation area
Fences and Gates have height restrictions


L1 - What is the typical time for assessing planning applications?

Jersey 6-8 Weeks

UK - within 8 weeks extended to 13 for large and complex projects


L1 - When working on a listed building, would you need to submit a planning application and a separate listed building consent?

Yes these are separate applications