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Can you name other procurement routes?

Design and build

Management procurement


Why did your client not opt for traditional procurement competitive tendering?

Early contractor involvement required

Client required price surety

Competitive tendering would increase time requirements and client wanted work done ASAP


Are there time and cost implications using competitive tendering?

Yes design would need to be complete and the design and construction cannot overlap.

Competitive pricing can be an advantage however greater time is required.


How did you ensure the level of was pricing was satisfactory for negotiating the tender?

Once submitted the price was negotiated by the project qs.


What information does the project qs use for pricing "?

Bcisand in house rates


What is a pre construction agreement and why was this utilized?

This is allows the client to employ the contractor prior to the contract. It enables significantly more contractor collaboration for elements of the design.


What are the advantages of using a pcsa?

Construction risk decreases as the contractor uses their specific knowledge to improve build ability


Why was the intermediate contract chosen over minor works?

Allows collateral warranties
Allows a pcsa
Greater control procedures
Allows sectional completion
Allows partial possession


What other consultants were appointed on the contract?

Hoare lea Plymouth m&e consultants
T&g engineers


What were the services provided by the structural engineer?

Scaffold fixings, some were missing and the o and Marion did not have information on lateral loadings. They tested this.

They also provided ser services for the fire ducts and later the louvre screening and also the design for the new roof.


What formed the contract documentation for the project?

Jct intermediate contract with cdp with amends for jersey law
Bhp contract drawings
Bhp preliminaries
Hoare lea basement car park ventilation specification
Ac Mauger priced tender


What documents were provided to the contractor detailing the design?

Hoare lea basement car park ventilation specification for tendering to their sub contractor. This formed their cdp portion. Also bhp speciation


What is the governing health and safety legislation in jersey? What was the effect on the project?

Management in construction jersey 2016

Defines project as a major project
Required a hspc
Requires pcsi
Requires healthy and safety file
Hspc also approves construction phase plan and prepares a f9 notice


What was the flat roof finished with and what were the defects?

Sika single ply adhered to insulation
This was de bonded
Spoiled with no routine maintenance
Approximately 100 tears leading to water ingress


What is a Granite Rain Screen?

Cladding attached to primary structure
Forms ventilated system
LW4 was ventilated


What is Grade A Office Space

Offices in best locations
best building materials
Professionally Managed


What is traditional Procurement?

This is when the design and construction are separated


For LW4 explain the tendering process and the procurement option?

Explain why each were used

This was traditional procurement
Negotiated tender

The client wanted to ensure they retained full control of the works. The building was in use and they needed to ensure a PM and CA mitigated 'heavy handed' works on site.

Negotiated tender was chosen because of AC Mauger track record.


Traditional Method of procurement with negotiated tender? Explain how this worked?

The design and construction were separated for the benefit of client control. The PCSA allowed the contractor to be employed prior to the contract to enable full collaboration on design issues.


What is a disadvantage with using a traditional procurement with negotiated tendering?

No comepetition to comparison.


Why didn't the client opt for 2 stage tendering?

AC Maugers track record with my client.


Why was design and building procurement route not suitable?

The contractor may not fully understand the requirements.
Sensitivities of a fully occupied Grade A Building


At what RIBA stage is a contractor
normally invited to tender in traditional procurement and why?

At RIBA Stage 4 (Technical Design). This is because traditional procurement requires all design to be complete prior tendering.


What are the advantages of traditional procurement?

Higher Quality of work as the client has more control
Easy to adopt


What are the advantages of negotiated tender?

Early contractor involvement
price can be returned faster
contractor involvement in the design


What is the disadvantage of the negotiated tender?

Lacks competition and comparative analysis although the Project Quantity Surveyor can help mitigate this disadvantage


Why a 2011 contract?

The PCSA was entered into prior 2016
Legal advice was sought by client in
house council who advised us to proceed under the current Jersey ammends.


Why have CDP?

This is to enable contractor to procurement and detail specialist design.


Explain how the CDP portion worked on LW4?

Hoare Lea plymouth the M&E consultant provided the client with a performance specification for the car park smoke extract fans

The contractor then had the responsibility to procure the works which they took responsibility for.


What works consisted for the CDP portion?

Car Park smoke extract ventilation fan