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Can you name and describe 2 types of specification?

Prescriptive specifications - Used for complex construction when the client requires certainty about the end product. The design would also be complete lending itself to a traditional procurement route.

Performance specifications - This gives the contractor more flexibility around supplies and methods of work.


Name all RIBA Stages?

0 Strategic Definition
1 Preparation and brief
2 Concept Design
3 Spatial Coordination
4 Technical Design
5 Manufacturing Construction
6 Handover
7 Use


3, What is your role in Stage 2 of the RIBA plan of work?

The architectural concept will be approved by the client, my further roles would be to undertake design reviews, prepare stage design programme, obtain pre-application planning advice, agree route to building regulation compliance and submit outline planning application.


4, What legislation governs the access approved documentation and how have you used this document on a project?

Equality Act 2010. On the Liberation House project, the disabled WC's backed onto the risers. The provisions were not compliant with Approved document 8 (Part M) and as part of the works package the WC's were to be removed and reinstated. This included provisions for automatic taps, doors were fitted with light action privacy bolts and emergency release mechanisms, the heat emitters were screened and replacement to colour contrasting grab handles, this also included grab handle repositioning in accordance with Diagram 18.


5, What info was included within your planning application on Ellora?

This included a P2 planning application form which is for changes to the outside of your home, location plans at 1:2500 scale, photographs of the site, sufficient and accurate plans which included a site plan, floor plan and elevation plan.


Where there any planning conditions associated with this project?

Not specifically as the location leant itself to this development in accordance with the island plan 2011. Although, as the works were in a heavily built up location the planning authority requested all works to be conduct in working hours, albeit this was not far outside the nuisance act.


Can you take me through the sequence of operation of one of the buildings elements you designed on 43 Bath Street?

The warm roof. At the rear of the property there is a section which was built approx 1970, this was not listed. The warm roof was constructed off a cavity wall. Joists were spaced at 400mm apart with a plasterboard ceiling installed to the bottom sections to form a void, timbers firings are when installed to the top, 12mm plywood sheet is installed and a VCL layer is bonded atop, tapered insulation was laid to provide accurate falls and u-value requirements, then a 18mm plywood sheet, the waterproof covering was a Renolit single-ply membrane.


What product was specified for the secondary glazing?

This was a bespoke sliding system constructed of timber and single glazing replicating the existing sash window. It was specified to fit inside the reveal, as was directed by a planning officer in a pre planning consultation. The glass specification was Low E glass to minimise heat loss.


What are the five document statuses (i.e guidance note/mandatory standards etc)?

1-International standards (mandatory)
2-RICS practice Statement (mandatory)
3-RICS Code of practice (mandatory or recommended good practice)
4-RICS Guidance Note
Recommended good practice
5-RICS Information Paper


Name some design philosophies?

Occupational Design
KISS (keep it simple stupid)
Pragmatic design


What is occupational design?

Design centred around specific end user requirements


What is pragmatic design?

Creative approach with more than one design solution


What are the three common threads in design?

1 - Sustainability
2 - Compliance
3 - Safety


What is the most important common thread in design?



How can you ensure no errors arise from a poor project brief?

regular project testing


How would you ensure documentation is effective in project communication? (design and spec)?

1-Highlight purpose
2-Highlight status
3-Standardised content (e.g. terms).


What information would you need in a project brief?

1-Project description
2-Team and resources
3-Uncertainty and risk management
4-Data Management
5-Programme and cost management


What is Embodied Carbon?

Carbon footprint of material. It considers the green house gasses released through the supply chain.


What is Operational Carbon?

This defines the quantity of carbon released during the operation of a building.


How have you mitigated Embodied Carbon?

On Liberation House i specified the timber construction over concrete block for the riser enclosures.


How have you mitigated Operation Carbon?

On 43 Bath Street I have advised my client that secondary glazing would improve heat retention thus reducing the operation carbon of the building.


On 4 Ellora what consideration were given to neighbouring properties regarding the upgraded external insulation?

I advised my client that there would be a junction at the demarcation of his neighbours property.


On 43 Bath Street did you investigate suitable sustainable features and incorporate them within a design?

Yes, this was secondary glazing, upgrade roof insulation and internal hung insulation.


How did you upgrade the roof on 43 Bath Street and were there alternatives?

Installed insulation between the rafters - this created a cold roof.

Warm roof could have been installed however the timber trusses would need strengthening and this risked less ventilation to the roof space and associated damp issues.


What insulation did you use for 43 Bath Street and were there alternatives?

Glass wool insulation

This allowed tight fitting between joists.

Sheeps wool and hemp fibre are alternatives however these were not inline with my client cost restraints


What is a U-Value?

Measurement of how quickly energy will pass through one square metre of a barrier


How are U-Values expressed?

Watts per square metre per degree (W/m2K)


What considerations were given prior to upgrading the roof insulation at 43 Bath Street?

Bats and nesting birds
Structural capacity
Ventilation at eaves


How did you upgrade the insulation to the walls at 43 Bath Street.

Internal insulation with no cavity (at party walls)

Internal insulation with cavity at front face (to allow moisture movement in the solid brick wall).


Were there any considerations for upgrading insulation to the walls at 43 Bath Street/

I ensured the listing did not include the internal area?