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What three factors are to be considered for development projects?

1- Cost
3- Quality


What is the advantage with a traditional lump sum contract for development?

1-Some certainty of design, cost and duration

2-Contractor assumes responsibility and financial risk for the construction of the design

3-Changes are easy to arrange


What is the disadvantage of Traditional Lump sum contracts for development?

Quick progress to RIBA stage 4 can yield incomplete construction information

Expensive disputes

Programme can be longer as design and construction cannot overlap


What is traditional re-measurement construction?

The contract sum is only established at the end of the construction.


How would you define 'Development Management'?

The management of the development process from concept to tendering for construction works.


In Development Management Guidance Note what are the five stages prior construction.

These are derived from the RIBA stages of work
1-Developers initial concept
2-Site acquisition strategy
3-Outline appraisal
4-Outline planning permission
5-Full planning permission


For development management what happens in Phase 1 (developers initial query)?

Market research on demand for proposed development

Identify potential sites

High level development appraisal


For development management what happens in Phase 2 (site acquisition)?

Commence finding and acquiring suitable land

Carry out development appraisal

Seek acquisition confirmation from investors and current land owner


For development management what happens in Phase 3 (Outline appraisal)?

Consult in house planning

Identify what consultants are required

Consult planning authority for initial views

draft development programme plan


For development management what happens in Phase 4 (Outline planning permission)?

Conduct pre planning consultation

Design strategy

Procurement strategy

Cost control


What happens at Phase 5 of development management (Full planning permission)?

Full planning

Implement procurement strategy

Update cost control

Programme review


What is considered in a development appraisal?

Valuation of land
Development Agreement (agreement between landowner and developer)


What environmental assessment can be made for development (3)?

1-Environmental impact assessment
2-Sustainability statement
3-Waste Management


Regarding other properties what third party rights must be considered?

Party walls
Rights to light


Summarise the Part Wall Act 1996? (UK Only)!!!!

Obligated persons must notify owners of nearby property of construction work.

This is for work astride a property or works to a boundary wall.

Party surveyors work to provide award to ensure adjoining owners do not suffer damage to their party wall.


Why do you need to understand clients business need for a project?

To ensure the project will achieve their outcome requirements and KPI's


What stakeholders might you have in a project?

Direct stakeholders
-Project sponsor
-Internal/External consultants

Indirect stakeholdrs
-professional bodies

Positive Stakeholders

Negative stakeholders


Would you always report to all stakeholders

depends on what i am report


What might be included in terms of reference?



Would terms of reference just be for your services?



For 43 did you assist with preps of the business case?

I identified


Explain what were budget parameters were?

Pre Construction - 20k

Construction works 300k

Construction CA responsibilities 10k

Total 330k included contingency



How did the PEP change?

Queens W

Rossboz remediation


Was it realistic that the project could commence through all 8 stages with the tight time frame?

Yup. I assessed this in house data prior to giving advice. Also I ensured the contractor provided a timeline to achieve this.


What may a business case include?

-confirm project compatible with clients vision, missions and objectives

-Confirm project will deliver business goals

-Confirm it is affordable

-Assessment of long term investment

-Schedules of critical dates