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What is the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974?

The Primary piece of legislations covering occupational health and safety in the UK.


What is the aim of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974?

• To secure the Health, safety and wellbeing of all people at work.
• To protect people against risks from work activities.


What is a Risk Assessment?

A Risk Assessment is a systematic examination of tasks, examining the likeliness they will occur, and the impact they will have.


What do you consider when writing a Risk Assessment?

1. Identify all risks.
2. Determine who might be harmed by the identified risk.
3. Evaluate the risk and decide on precautions.
4. Record your findings
5. Review your risk assessment and update if necessary.


What is a Method Statement?

A document detailing how a particular task or activity will be carried out. It should detail the possible risks/dangers, and the methods of control established to show how the work will be managed safely.


What goes into a method statement?

Working systems to be used.
• Arrangements for access.
• Arrangements for protecting the safety of members of the public.
• Plant and Equipment to be used.
• Procedures to ensure compliance with CDM Regulations etc.
• Procedures to prevent local pollution.


What are the three main types of Asbestos?

White, real name = Chrysotile.
• Brown, real name = Amosite.
• Blue, real name = Chrocidolite.


When was each type of Asbestos banned in the UK?

White (Chrysotile) 1999
Brown (Amosite) 1985
Blue (Chrocidolite) 1985)


What is the Main law governing asbestos in the UK?

Control of Asbestos Regulations 2008


What does the Control of Asbestos Regulations Impose on

A duty to manage asbestos on the premises.
• Employers must undertake a Risk Assessment before commencing work around asbestos.
• They must produce a plan of works detailing how the work is due to be carried out.
• Prevent and reduce worked exposure to Asbestos.


What is Asbestos?

Natural Fibrous materials which doesnt rot and has excellent fire resisting capabilities


Which building materials is asbestos typically found in?

• Ceiling Tiles
• Roof Sheets
• Lagging on boilers and pipework
• Floor Tiles


When is a licensed contractor requirement to remove asbestos?

When the work is not sporadic or of low intensity

When the risk assessment clearly cannot demonstrate control


What asbestos regulation applies to Jersey?

Working with
-Asbestos licensing regulations Jersey (2008)

- Asbestos (Prohibition) Regulations (1999)


What impact does asbestos legislation have on you undertaking your role for BHP?

I have a duty of care to identify asbestos but a professional asbestos surveyor is required by refurb/demo surveys.

I should assess asbestos management plan prior to going on site


What is the role of the HSPC?

Advise and assist client on their duties

Notify HSI

Coordinate h&s aspects of design

Checking different design solutions to mitigate danger

Facilitating good coms

Collating relevant PCI


What key things are covered within the RICS document surveying safely?

1-Safe Person concept

2-Assessing hazards and risks

3-Visiting premises and sites


What is the HSE Five Step Risk Assessment?

1-Identify hazards
2-Decide who may be harmed
3-Evaluate risks and decide precautions
4-Record Findings
5-Review and Update


Where might you find asbestos containing materials in buildings?

Soffit and fascia boards
Pipe/Boiler lagging
Spray coatings to ceilings
Textured coatings and paints
Bath Panels
Floor tiles
Fire blankets


When would you find asbestos in buildings?

In buildings built prior 1999 Asbestos (Prohibition) Regulations


What is the importance of the Health and Safety at Work act 1974 and the jersey equivalent?

Because it provides legal requirement for
-adequate training for staff of safety procedures
-adequate elfare provisions
-ensure safe working environment is maintained


Why do we have risk assessments?

identifies hazards and risk prior to being exposed to them


Did you undertake the role of HSPC for 43 or the Windy Project?

No but i did for Q house.


What client duties did you have under the Management in Construction Regulations for works at 43?

-ensure people appointed are competent
-ensure suitable arrangement in place for H&S and welfare
-ensure realistic time frames
-If project over 30 days appoint HSPC


What HSPC duties were there under the MIC at 43?

-Notify HSI
-Provide client advise
-Coordinate H&S aspects of design
-manage flow of info


Why was an Asbestos survey required for 43?

Built before 1999 Asbestos Prohibition Regulations
Evidence of Asbestos when undertaking survey


What is in a construction phase plan?

Key dates
Arrangements for H&S training
Arrangements to ensure cooperation between design team
Arrangement for reporting incidents
The site rules


Have you reviewed a construction health phase plan?

Yes- queens, windy and 43. The first two lacked appropriate training for project members (i.e. tool box talks)