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What clause is extensions of time dealt with?

2.20 Relevant events


What is a relevant event?



Deferment of possession


When must contractor give notice?

When it becomes reasonably apparent


When have you experienced a delay?

On Ldubs for the plant deck remediations?


How did you assess the plant deck delay was appropriate for an extension of time?

The contractor provided a delay notice

I then undertook a 'Critical Path Analysis'.


What method did you use for the delay analysis and are there alternatives?

Critical Path

There is also
-Overview of facts
-Comparing actual and planned progress


How did you undertake the critical path analysis?

I analysed the works which were critical to completion using Microsoft Project.

The logic link between the the new plant deck and the reinstatement/replacement of plant was estimated two months and an additional month was included due to the consultant work required.


What are the advantageous of using the critical path analysis?

Using software (Micro Project) allowed dynamic reactions on impact of delay. For instance, I can enter extensions of time onto critical pathways quickly and accurately.