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Name primary legislation?

Equality act 2010
Health and safety at work act 1974


Name secondary legislation ?

Building regulations
Jersey island plan


What jersey legislation do you know of?

The discrimination act (jersey) law 2013


What international discrimination law are you aware of?

EU anti discrimination law


What are the five principles in gardener and theobald guide?

1-contribute to building inclusive environments
2-apply professional and responsible judgement and take leadership role
3-apply and integrate principles inclusive design
4-do more than just comply with legislation and codes
5- seek multiple views to solve accessibility
6-acquire skills and knowledge to make accessibility the norm


What is Maslows Hierarchy of needs?

This is a motivational theory comprising a fire tier level of human needs; including
Physiological needs
Safety needs
Belonging and love needs
Esteem needs
Self actualization


What is Tuckmans Team Development model?

This describes the formation process of a team.
1-Forming (high dependance on leadership)
2-Storming (team decisions are hard)
3-Norming (agreement forms in team)
4-Performing (team is strategically aware)


Explain the In House training you did in relation to the Equality Act 2010?

This provided an overview of the Act and also the Jersey equivalent Discrimination Law (2013).


What are the nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010?

3-Gender reassignment
5-Religion or belief
7-Sexual orientation
8-Marriage and civil partnership
9-Pregnancy and maternity


What are the key points contained within Part 8 Access to and use of Buildings?

Sanitary accommodations in buildings

Access to buildings (Dwellings and other than dwellings)

Circulation within the entrance storey of the dwelling


What requirements are there for ramps under Part 8 Access to and Use of Buildings?

Maximum gradient (dependant on flight, gradient and rise)
Surface width is at least 1.5m
Ramp surface is slip resistant


Why is door barrier protection required?

Protects people standing at the door


What is appropriate wheelchair circulation space?

Unobstructed circulation space
900mm min corridor width


Do all existing buildings have to be upgraded to provide access for all?

No as it is impractical/impossible to do this. Albeit, new construction work should.


Does BS 8300-1/BS standards apply to Jersey?

Not legally but these are standards for good practice and stated in the regs to be followed (for further gudiance)


What is an unconscious bias?

Unconscious biases are learned stereotypes that are automatic, unintentional, deeply ingrained, universal, and able to influence behaviour.